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Recent HECC Collaborations Newsletters ​

​Collaborations Newsletter: 2021 and earlier

Opportunity for Transformative Investments in Postsecondary Education and Training2021, January
Convening Partners to Advance Postsecondary Education and Workforce Goals2021, November
New Legislation and a Strategic Roadmap Guide Actions this Fall2021, September
2021-23 Legislative Outcomes for Higher Education and Workforce Training 2021, August Issue
Financial Aid, College, and Workforce Investments Build Futures2021, June
Investing in Postsecondary Education and Training Can Move Oregon Forward2021, April
Prioritizing Those Most Impacted And Underserved2021, February
Targeting Funding and Policy to Foster Real Opportunity For All2020, December
Pivotal Moment Inspires Intentional Equity Decisions2020, November
Addressing Emergency Needs and Building Long-Term Resilience2020, September
Identifying and Removing Barriers to Success During COVID-19 and Beyond2020, August
Doubling Down for Equity and Student Success 2020, June Issue
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Recent HECC News Clips ​​

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