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Higher Education Coordination Commission

Office of Degree Authorization Forms and Procedures, In-State

All degree-granting private postsecondary institutions offering academic programs to Oregon students, including in-state and out-of-state institutions, must be approved by the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) Office of Degree Authorization (ODA). If you are a representative, faculty member, or administrator of a private-degree granting institution in Oregon, you will find necessary forms and procedures on this page.

Applications for In-State Institutions

Oregon statute requires degree-granting institutions to obtain ODA approval prior to offering degree programs or college credit in Oregon or to students in Oregon from outside the state. Oregon-based institutions applying for approval to offer degrees at a campus in Oregon should follow the steps described in the forms below. Both forms below are required.

Guidance on Applications and Supplementary Materials

Complete your application by including all of the supporting documents requested in the application forms, including the following.

  • Faculty and administrative qualifications form
  • Biographical information for members of the board of directors
  • Facilities maps
  • Insurance and financial documents
  • Excerpts from student and faculty policies and handbooks
  • Copy of the most current catalog

Please read the following guidance on applications.

  • Incomplete applications will not be processed. No application will be reviewed prior to payment of the invoiced fees. Please note that a separate specific program application form and fee must be submitted for each degree and certificate program that is offered.
  • For schools offering degree programs with concentrations or specializations, a separate program application and fee will be required for each of these individually identified areas of study. Applications will not be processed if all concentrations offered by the school (whether online or on-campus) are not submitted for initial review.
  • ODA will determine the extent of review required for subsequent re-authorization of existing programs based on current policy.
  • Upon receipt of the application, ODA will send an invoice for the appropriate fees for review of each specific program application and authorization for a two-year period. Please allow six months for review and processing of your authorization to offer degree programs in Oregon. A site visit will be required prior to approval, or in the case of a new school, within the first three months of operation.
  • ODA staff will contact the institution if further information is required to process the application.
  • The application forms are the same for new or renewal applications for Oregon-based institutions.

School Faculty Reviews

Administrator Reviews

Surety Bonds and Letters of Credit

Oregon Statute requires degree-granting institutions operating in or from Oregon to submit a Surety Bond or Letter of Credit (LOC). This requirement applies to institutions regulated by the ODA. See the procedures below.

Requirements Related to Closures

Schools must submit to the ODA for approval of a closure plan with the submission of an initial or renewal application for degree program authorization outlining their process in the event of an abrupt or planned school closure. This may involve teach-out or transfer plans for students as appropriate, tuition refunds, and the transfer of student academic records to a responsible custodian upon closure. Detailed procedures for school closures are described in Oregon Administrative Rule 583-030-0061.