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Postsecondary Finance and Capital

​​Institution Support Funding

The HECC is responsible for coordinating funding for Oregon’s 7 public universities, ​supporting the institutions in preparing Oregon students with the degrees and training they need to succeed in a 21st century economy, and meeting local, regional and state innovation and research needs.

The primary sources of funding for public universities are state funding, tuition revenue, and federal and other revenue, with state funding currently accounting for a minority of total revenues.

State Funding

HECC is specifically responsible for development of biennial funding recommendations to the Oregon Governor for state funding including the Public University Support Fund, Public University State Programs, Statewide Public Service Programs, and capital investments. The HECC is also responsible for fiscal reporting and analysis, and the allocation of state funding to the seven public universities. The Office of Postsecondary Finance and Capital carries out this work.

Public University Support Fund: The primary fund for state support of operational expenses at Oregon’s public universities is the Public University Support Fund (PUSF). 

The allocation of state funding to the seven Oregon public universities is determined using the Student Success and Completion Model (SSCM), a model developed and approved by the HECC through a collaborative process with the universities and stakeholders. This funding model focuses on completions and student support, as well as other state priorities.

State Funding and Formula Summary: This report is a reference document containing the Legislatively Approved Budget (LAB) state appropriations and includes both institutional support and capital funding. It also provides detailed information on how the community college and public university funding formulas work. This report is replacing the former Budget Report Summary (BRS)

Public University Budget Report Summary (BRS): This is a reference document containing Legislatively Approved Budget (LAB) allocations of state appropriations. The BRS provides detailed funding allocation information, legislative bill summaries and institutions’ budgets of Statewide Public Service, self-support, and tuition and fee revenues.​ Beginning with the 2021-23 biennium this document has bee nreplaced with the State Funding and Formula Summary. 

Engineering​ Technology Sustaining Funds: The document below summarizes State appropriations and allocations made via the Engineering Technology Sustaining Funds (ETSF), the largest component among the Public University State Programs.


Universities are generally responsible for setting annual tuition and fees. However, should the combined annual increase in resident undergraduate tuition and mandatory enrollment fees exceed 5% for a public university, the HECC, or the Oregon Legislature, must approve the increase.