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Development of the 10-Year Strategic Capital Plan for Oregon Public Universities

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission recently completed a10-year strategic capital plan for public universities, in partnership with the public universities and an external expert in educational strategic capital planning. This project has provided a target public university capital portfolio through 2029 and will be used to guide Commission in prioritization of capital projects and recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature on the critically important need for strategically driven capital investments for years to come. 

The final report was adopted by the Commission in October 2019 .  Along with the report, brief summaries were provided both by SmithGroup and by HECC staff.

For more information on the project, see:

The 10-year strategic capital plan is a high-level summary of capital need based on demographic, economic, industry, and other environmental factors, dividing the targeted portfolio by region of the state. It will divide the existing and potential future capital portfolio according to ideal usage and utilization, estimating space need for different academic disciplines and functions. 

Two rounds of campus visits were finished in April/May and June of this year..


​2019 Campus and Stakeholder Meetings

​The HECC and its contractor have already begun the process of extensive collaboration with the public universities to ensure availability of data for analysis and a common understanding of the results of any analysis. The schedule of upcoming campus visits is available below.
Campus Visits Round 1
  • April 15, Western Oregon University
  • April 16, University of Oregon
  • April 17, HECC Coordination Day –Salem
  • April 18, Portland State University
  • April 19, Oregon State University
  • April 29, Oregon State University, Cascades
  • April 30, Oregon Tech
  • May 1, Southern Oregon University
  • May 2, Eastern Oregon University
Campous Visits Round 2
  • June 10 –Oregon Institute of Technology  
  • June 11 –Southern Oregon University
  • June 12 –University of Oregon
  • June 13 –Portland State University  
  • June 25 –Eastern Oregon University 
  • June 26 –Oregon State University Cascades  
  • June 27 –Western Oregon University 
  • June 28 –Oregon State University​