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​ODA Forms and Procedures, Out-of-State 

New Applications for Out-of-State Institutions 

Oregon Statue requires degree-granting institutions to obtain approval from the Office of Degree Authorization prior to offering out-of-state degree programs or courses (for credit) to Oregon Residents.

NOTE: Oregon Statute requires degree granting institutions to obtain a Surety Bond or Letter of Credit (LOC) for the Oregon students enrolled. 
Institutional Program Approval: 
  • Repeal Exclusionary Rule: A school based outside of Oregon may not offer any educational credit or degree within Oregon without obtaining approval from the Commission. The exclusionary rule granting some online programs an exemption has been repealed; therefore, programs with or without placement (i.e. practical, clinical, internship etc.) all require authorization from the Commission. 
Forms, for Out-of-State institutions applying for approval to offer degrees online:
W-9 form: establishes the Higher Education Coordinating Commission as a vendor: 
Application for Authorization: To apply for authorization of online programs with placement and without placement
Additional Onsite Application: An additional attachment to the Application for Authorization, to be used when a school is applying for more than one online program with placement
Program List: Worksheet to enter programs and identify cost
Application for Practicum Placements Only: For authorization of non-online programs based in another state that place residents in Oregon for a recurring basis

Surety Bonds and Letters of Credit

Oregon Statute requires degree-granting institutions operating in or from Oregon to submit a Surety Bond or Letter of Credit (LOC). This requirement applies to institutions regulated by the Office of Degree Authorization. See the procedures below. 

​To prepare the institution for the below requirements, our office has the following documents in order to obtain a Surety Bond or Letter of Credit (LOC)

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