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​​​​​​Full Agency Staff Directory​​

HECC Address

Our physical and mailing address is:​

Higher Education Coordinating Commission
3225 25th Street SE
Salem, Oregon 97302​

The HECC moved to this location in June, 2020. This location includes all offices of the HECC which were previously located in the three separate locations in Salem and Eugene. ​

Agency Directory​

Office of the Executive Director

NamePositionContact Info
HECC General Inquiries503-378-5690
ADDRESS 3225 25th Street SE, Salem, Oregon 97302​
Rebecca Arce Inclusion and Equity Specialist503-509-2383
Osvaldo F. AvilaInclusion and Equity Specialist503-508-2497
Ben CannonExecutive Director, HECC971-273-9222
Elizabeth CastroHuman Resources Assistant503-949-3080
Jenny ChadwickHuman Resources Analyst971-372-1275
Eleni CollinsAdministrative Specialist503-871-6028
Patricia CunoHuman Resources Analyst503-934-0956
Lisa EllsworthFacilities Manager503-302-3529
Ronan FitzSimons-BreyOffice Specialist 458-239-3609
Lisa GrishamAssistant to the Deputy Director 971-301-1708
Endi HartiganCommunications Director971-701-4032
Susie HosieHuman Resources Director503-934-0955
Jennifer PurcellDirecor, Future Ready Oregon971-372-1879
Rudyane Rivera-Lindstrom Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion503-689-4309
Terry Robbins Chief Audit Executive503-947-5980
Ramona RodamakerHECC Deputy Executive Director971-301-1708
Guthrie Stafford Assistant to the Executive Director, Commission Administrator, Rules Coordinator971-273-9222
Christina SteeleHuman Resources Analyst503-934-3482
Kyle ThomasDirector of Legislative and Policy Affairs503-480-9596
Kerry ThomasProject Manager(503) 378-2761

Office of Academic Policy and Authorization

NamePositionContact Info
ADDRESS 3225 25th Street SE, Salem, Oregon 97302​
Matthew AltmanCompliance Specialist, Student Complaints503-881-2738
Daniel Gustav AndersonUniversity Academic Policy Specialist503-871-0392
Tiffany CaldwellPrivate Postsecondary Support Specialist 503-947-5716
Karyn ChambersEducation Specialist, Private Career Schools503-947-5773
Veronica DujonDirector, Office Academic Policy and Authorization503-947-5744
Rebecca FullerOperations & Policy Analyst, Office of Degree Authorization503-947-5751
Peter GertenrichEducation Specialist, Private Career Schools503-947-5719
Anthony MedinaOperations Policy Analyst, Public University Coordination503-949-4084
Michael RallsEducation Program Specialist503-979-6001
Elizabeth RogersCompliance Specialist503-507-8726
Kia SorensenInterim Deputy Director, Private Postsecondary Education503-949-3744
Debora van Eckhardt Executive Support Specialist458-209-0240
Erin Weeks-EarpAlignment and Articulation Policy Specialist, Public University Coordination503-949-4133

Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development

NamePositionContact Info
ADDRESS 3225 25th Street SE Salem, Oregon 97302​
GED® TEST INQUIRIES 503-947-5608
KC AndrewCTE Education Specialist503-979-5670
Nick BenderAdult Basic Skills Specialist503-947-2423
Rachel ChagnonOffice Specialist 971-375-2784
Brooklyn Cruz-Decker Office Specialist458-209-4643
Kasena DaileyProgram Coordinator503-947-5608
Jane Denison-FurnessPost-Secondary Transfer Specialist503-302-3345
Tamy Freeman (Perkins) Program Administrator503-979-5760
Ashley GarriganABE State Leadership Coordinator 503-979-5453
Shalee HodgsonPolicy Advisor971-372-0889
Luis JuarezCTE Education Specialist503-947-2430
Eric JuenemannCareer Connected Learning Specialist503-979-5336
Donna LewellingDirector, Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development503-947-2428
Jennifer MarkeyExecutive Support Specialist 503-979-5162
Brittany MilesTransfer & Articulation Specialist503-934-0830
Celia NúñezDeputy Director, Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development503-979-5745
Adrienne OchsOregon GED® Administrator503-934-0957
Kyle D. ThomasCareer Pathways Analyst971-332-0642
Kelly ZinckEducation Team Research Analyst503-947-2409

Office of Operations

NamePositionContact Info
ADDRESS 3225 25th Street SE, Salem, Oregon 97302​
Jennifer Beck Fiscal Analyst III503-689-2445
James BennettIT Systems Analyst971-304-4919
Lisa ChandlerPayroll Analyst 503-947-5932
Taran Covell Accounting Technician971-372-1778
Karen DeHutProcurement and Contract Specialist971-209-8826
Derek DizneyProcurement Manager503-979-5912
Nick Dollar Fiscal Analyst 971-372-1993
Lisa EllsworthFacilities Manager503-302-3529
Juliet FernandezAccounting Technician971-372-1813
Carrie FisherProgram Accountant971-375-7664
Brandon FoxIT Systems Analyst541-687-7301
David GrafFiscal Analyst 971-375-7669
Lisa GrishamExecutive Assistant to Operations Director, and Ops Office971-301-1708
April HergertFront Desk Administrator503-378-5690
Jordi HumphreysIT Systems Analyst541-687-7303
Brandon JohnsonProgram Accountant971-375-7666
Lisa Kelly-HarrimanProcurement and Contract Specialist503-979-5839
Jon KingFiscal Analyst II503-509-7617
April KinneyFederal Accountant II971-208-2656
Elizabeth MarshallCapital Construction Accountant971-375-7659
Aaron MeyersIT Network Analyst503-979-5761
Monique MurphyRevenue Accountant971-375-7667
Tom RielDirector of Operations971-707-1631
James RorickCyber Security and Cloud Administrator503-94 7-2443
Katie RuppAccounting Technician971-372-1822
Kari StocksIT Systems Analyst971-281-4902
Robel TadesseChief Information Officer503-551-2783
Angela TottonGrant Accountant503-949-3501
Jamiel WhiteIT Support Specialist503-979-7094
Regan WyckoffBusiness Analyst503-979-6821
Jessica ZacharyAccounting & Payroll Lead971-375-7663
Shannon ZiglinskiProcurement and Contracts Assistant503-979-5850

Office of Postsecondary Finance and Capital

NamePositionContact Info
ADDRESS 3225 25th Street SE, Salem, Oregon 97302​
David JarvisPostsecondary Fiscal Analyst503-979-6010
Bruce JohnsonPostsecondary Capital Analyst503-979-6003
Jim PinkardDirector, Office of Postsecondary Finance and Capital503-559-9075
Terry RogersPostsecondary Capital Analyst503-979-6012
Kayla WinslowFinance Analyst 503-979-6011

Office of Research and Data

NamePositionContact Info
ADDRESS 3225 25th Street SE, Salem, Oregon 97302​
Drew AllenData and Research Analyst503-979-7775
Matt Bagwell Senior Research & Data Analyst503-507-3498
Bonnie BaloghExecutive Support Specialist971-283-4714
Shannon BrumbaughData and Research Analyst503-931-9513
Amy CoxDirector, Office of Research and Data503-569-2249
Leeta DasSolutions Architect503-979-6085
Shanda HaluapoSenior Policy Analyst503-979-6472
Jesse HelligsoSenior Research and Data Analyst503-979-5138
Brittany KenisonBusiness Analyst 503-509-5460
Olga LevadnayaSenior Research and Data Analyst 503 979-7379
Vern MayfieldPolicy and Research Analyst503-979-7725
Jason MesserSystem Architect503-979-6083
Betsy SimpkinsResearch Communications Specialist 503-979-6040
Shiyan TaoInstitutional Research Analyst503-979-7646
Ben TateDirector, Oregon Longitudinal Data Collaborative971-273-3837
Daniel UrbanSenior Research and Data Analyst 503-509-7545

Office of Student Access and Completion

NamePositionContact Info
GENERAL OSAC INQUIRIES General inquiries541-687-7400
ADDRESS 3225 25th Street SE, Salem, Oregon 97302​
Melissa AdamsScholarship Portfolio Coordinator458-209-6027
Juan Báez-ArévaloDirector, Office of Student Access and Completion971-273-8813
Ben BrumundResearch Analyst503-931-8580
Catherine ConklinASPIRE & Outreach Technical Specialist541.687-7455
Cheryl ConnollyScholarship Portfolio Coordinator541-687-7422
Peggy CookseyScholarship Portfolio Coordinator541-687-7443
Lori EllisASPIRE Administrator541-687-7471
Rochelle FarrisASPIRE Access Specialist458-209-6362
April HergertOffice Specialist503-378-5690
Kyra KingState Grants Administrator 541-687-7352
Olivia PerezAdministrative Specialist458-209-4782
Horalia ("Lala") RangelOregon Teacher Scholars Program Coordinator503-881-6059
Erin RauDeputy Director, Office of Student Access and Completion503-509-4001
Walter Recinos-Perez Scholarship Processing Coordinator541-687-7409
Kurt ReeserASPIRE Access Specialist503-318-3011
Anne ShearerState Grants Administrator503-947-2411
Michelle SlayState Grants Administrator503-947-2402
Robert SmallSenior Policy Advisor503-689-2976
Stacey Stonesifer ASPIRE Access Specialist 541-515-4513
Anel Trujillo Venegas State Grants Coordinator503-510-9451
Kristin VreelandScholarship Portfolio Coordinator541-687-7456
Holly WillefordOperations & Policy Analyst541-687-7466

Office of Workforce Investments

NamePositionContact Info
ADDRESS 3225 25th Street SE, Salem, Oregon 97302​
Jeremy AholaProgram Analyst503-689-6662
Carie Bauer Director, Oregon Volunteers 971-273-9144
Hillary Blackstone Youth Program Specialist503-507-6916
Stacey Cochran Oregon Youth Works Initiatives Analyst503-979-3823
Matthew CollinsOregon Youth Works Program Coordinator503-507-8671
Brooklyn Cruz-Decker Office Specialist 458-209-4643
Jennifer DenningStrategic Initiatives Programs Analyst503-779-8818
Douglas DenningYouth Workforce Director503-559-6003
Wayne FannoWorkforce Education Specialist503-586-9385
Theresa FitzgeraldWorkforce Program Analyst971-345-1138
Josh Hall*Labor Liason541-990-3518
Sydney KingExecutive Administrator503-480-6962
Clay MartinWTDB Initiatives Analyst 503-779-5450
Brittany MelzerStategic Alignment Coordinator971-375-2761
Todd NellWTDB Director503-508-8916
Alma Plasencia Outreach and Training Coordinator503-507-6307
Madeline SeghersStrategic Programs Analyst
Stephanie SolomonStrategic Programs Analyst971-345-1134
Rachel SotoWorkforce Program Analyst503-779-5510
Linda SozziAdministrative Specialist971-345-1133
Nicole StappDeputy Director for Systems Alignment503-507-4178
Julia SteinbergerDirector, Office of Workforce Investments971-345-1136
Kurt TackmanDeputy Director, Office of Workforce Investments971-345-1139
David TaylorApprenticeship Programs Analyst
Debra WelterWorkforce Operations and Policy Analyst 971-345-1135
Kathy WilcoxEducation and Workforce System Analyst971-345-1132
 *Asterisk means a temporary, job rotation, or limited duration position. 


Key Contacts

General Inquiries​ or 503-378-5690  

General Inquires Related to Priva​te Postsecondary Institutions:

General Inquiries Related to Grants and Scholarships administered by OSAC:

​Media Inquiries
​Endi Hartigan, Communications Director,​,
​971-701-4032 (cell)

​Public Records Requests

Commission-related Inquiries
Guthrie Stafford, Assistant to the Executive Director, Commission Administrator, and Administrative Rules Coordinator, 

Student Complaints

Learn about the stud​ent complaint process here.​​