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Private Postsecondary

​​​​​​​​Updates and Consumer Alerts

Updates Related to Synthesis Digital, LLC, D.B.A. Synthesis Institute, 2023​

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission's Private Career School Licensure unit is working with Synthesis to resolve the status of its program and to provide clear options to students as soon as possible.

  • In the event of a closure or any other change that significantly interrupts instructional activities, Synthesis is required to notify the Commission, and HECC will work to determine what options are available for students. We understand the situation is difficult for students, and more information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.
  • The HECC has not received a formal closure notice from Synthesis. If the HECC is notified of plans for closure or if the agency determines that closure has taken place, we would provide any relevant information on this Updates and Consumer Alerts webpage.


  • We are working with the school to ensure they are aware of and following compliance requirements. In general, in the event of a closure, we guide schools through the school closure plan and help ensure they are in compliance, and we make any relevant information available to students.
  • If the HECC determines that the school has closed, the HECC will provide relevant information on its this​ page.
  • The HECC is required to notify students of Tuition Protection Fund options, including how to file claims, within 60 days of school closure. ​

Updates Related to Closures or Planned Closures

Updates Related to Alchemy Code Lab - 2023 

Alchemy Code Lab, a Portland-based software development training program, has closed. Under Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR)715-045-029(9)(b), Alchemy students attending Alchemy Code Lab at the time of its closure on February 1, 2023, can file a claim for unreimbursed tuition against the Tuition Protection Fund (TPF) for a refund. You must file a claim by July 1, 2023. Please note that CLAIMS RECEIVED AFTER JULY 1, 2023 WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED by THE HIGHER EDUCATION COORDINATING COMMISSION. 

To file a claim please do the following:

  • Read this notice to students​ which explains the terms and conditions
  • Download a Tuition Protection Fund Claim form​ and submit the form along with any supporting documents to
  • Submit the claim before July 1, 2023
  • Please note that claims will only be accepted from students who were attending Alchemy Code Lab at the time of its closure on February 1, 2023
If you have questions about the Tuition Protection Fund claim process, please send them to: Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions ​document.

Students needing to request a transcript:

You can contact Alchemy Code Lab ​for your transcript. If you are unable to obtain your transcript directily from the school, you can request one from the HECC. In order to obtain your transcript from the HECC, please click on the Transcript Request Form on the HECC's website: State of Oregon: Private Postsecondary - School Closures and Transcript Requests​. The HECC will waive the $12 transcript request fee for all Alchemy Code Lab students until July 1, 2023​. Any transcript requests submitted by Alchemy Code Lab students after July 1, 2023 will require the $12 fee.

Please contact Alchemy for more information about the following:

  •  Students needing to request transcripts or verify attendance dates, please contact
  •  Teacher's assistants needing employment information or verification, please contact
  •  Current students will be contacted as the school has more specific transition plan activities for their cohort. They are welcome to reach out to the school in the meantime. Please direct message the school from "Slack," or email the school​ at

Any new updates will be posted on this HECC webpage, so please check back. Please note that we are working with Alchemy to help facilitate a smooth transition for Alchemy’s students. ​

The Office of Degree Authorization (ODA), a unit of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission’s Office of Academic Policy and Authorization (HECC APA), is the state portal entity that authorizes degree-granting colleges in Oregon to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA). On August 26, 2021, the HECC was formally notified that Independence University in Utah abruptly closed. This information was provided by the University regarding the closure:

Updates Related to Pioneer Pacific College - 2020

On July 20, 2020, the HECC was formally notified that Pioneer Pacific College in Springfield, Beaverton, and Portland, including Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland, plan to close on July 31, 2020. Please see the Questions and Answers (Q&A) document below for more information on the closure.​​

​​Updates Related to the Closure of Concordia University Portland - 2020

Updates Related to Marylhurst University - 2018

Updates Related to the Closure of Oregon ITT Technology Institute​ - 2016

See previous updates regarding the ITT Tech closure here.

Additional transcripts now available:

Previously, transcripts were available to former ITT students that attended only from the years 2001 until the closing in July 2016.  Transcripts are now available to former ITT students that completed a term or graduated form the years 1994 to 2001.  Former students may request a copy of their transcripts online from Parchment, Inc. on their website at:

Public Hearings on Proposed Antici​pated Rule Changes

All information related to public hearings on proposed anticipated rule changes is available on our website here. ​

Individuals may sign up to receive public meeting and hearing email notices, including notices of administrative rules hearing, by joining our mailing list here.​

Other Updates:

Updates on Cosmetology Curriculum Changes (April 2018)