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Private Postsecondary

School ​Closures and Transcript Requests

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) Office of Academic Policy and Authorization provides a supporting role when authorized schools close, including transcripts and other services.

For recent closure updates, see Updates and Consumer Alerts.

Student Transcripts

Our office provides student transcripts from closed private schools to students, or  to another postsecondary institution designated by the student. Copies of transcripts are sent to the student. If the student wishes to have a copy sent to a college, the student must indicate so in the appropriate section of the release form. For student protection, the HECC does not email or fax transcripts.

Education Verification:

The HECC does not provide education verifications to employers and other third parties on individual student records from closed schools. We do provide student transcripts from closed schools to the student or to other postsecondary institutions designated by the student, but the student must complete a transcript release request form. 

Student Transcripts from Closed Private Career School and Private Colleges

Career schools that are or will be closing operations must deliver all student transcripts to the Higher Education Coordinating Commission. OAR 715-045-0018 (6)(d). HECC does retain financial or admissions records.

Students can request a copy of the transcript from a closed private career school by completing and submitting the ­Transcript Release Request form with the non-refundable $12 search fee to:

     Higher Education Coordinating Commission
     Private Career Schools Licensing Unit
3225 25th Street SE
     Salem, OR 97302

The HECC may not have a copy of transcripts if the school was purchased by another, and the records were transferred. The commission does not keep transcripts longer than 25 years.

Student Transcripts from a Closed Degree-granting Institution

HECC has transcripts from a number of closed private degree granting institutions. Below is a list of closed degree granting institutions in Oregon:

There is a $12 fee for any transcript request.


Tuition Protection Fund and Surety Bonds

A key step in supporting students is ensuring that their tuition payments have some protection in case the private institution fails to provide the contracted instructional services due to some abrupt closure. 

Licensed Private Career Schools are required to participate in and contribute to a Tuition Protection Fund, a special fund that is designed to cover tuition payment claims for students in the event of a school closure. Authorized regulated degree granting institutions under the Office of Degree Authorization are now required to maintain a surety bond or letter of credit to protect student tuition payments for unearned tuition should the institution have an abrupt closure and not deliver the instructional services that have been prepaid.

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