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Strategy & Collaboration

​Oregon’s Comprehensive Postsecondary Education Budget

The HECC is responsible for developing and submitting to Oregon’s Governor a comprehensive and integrated postsecondary education agency budget request aimed to support state goals. Because Oregon state government works on a biennial budget, the Oregon Legislature makes key decisions on higher education funding every other year.

As part of the state budget process, HECC develops an Agency R​equest Budget (ARB) in close collaboration with Oregon’s public campuses and partners, the first step in a multi-year budget process resulting in Oregon’s biennial investments in the higher education and workforce enterprise. For information on higher education state investments and recommended investments, see:

The state postsecondary education budget includes investments in state funding for state-administered financial aid, Oregon’s 17 community colleges and 9 Local Workforce Investment Boards, Oregon’s 7 public universities and the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), statewide programs, workforce programs, as well as HECC operations and initiatives.​​

Typical Higher Education Budget Timeline

Budget development:

From January to August prior to a budget cycle year, the HECC considers analysis and presentations on key budget components and develops a recommended budget, over the course of numerous public meetings. Public comment is welcomed.

Commission approval and submission of Agency Request Budget (ARB):

The Commission generally approves the ARB in August for submission to the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) on September 1.

Governor’s Recommended Budget (GRB):​

In December prior to the Legislative Session of a new budget year, the Oregon Governor issues the Governor’s Recommended Budget.

Budget presentations to Oregon Legislature:

The HECC presents with partners on the Governor’s postsecondary education budget request to the Oregon Legislature during the session, generally between February and June.

Legislatively Adopted Budget (LAB):

Ultimately, funding decisions are made by the end of the session, when the Legislature establishes a Legislatively Adopted Budget for the upcoming budget cycle.