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Higher Education Coordination Commission

Our Growing Network of Partners

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) serves as a convener of the groups and institutions working across the public and private higher education and workforce development landscape. We consult with organizational partners and equity advisory groups on an ongoing basis. Some of our ongoing partnerships are listed here. We encourage the engagement of new partners.

Anyone who is interested in our work or impacted by our work can get involved! We work for all Oregonians. We welcome the involvement of current and future students and their families, youth and adults, workers, volunteers, and job seekers. We welcome the engagement of representatives of community colleges, universities, private independent colleges and universities, career schools, and training organizations; workforce and business partners; tribal partners; government partners; partners of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; community-based organizations; and many others.

The HECC and Our Affiliated Councils and Boards

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) is the name for both a public Commission and a state agency. The HECC agency staff support the HECC Commission, the Workforce and Talent Development Board, and seven other boards, councils or committees in their public processes. Each of these boards holds public meetings, and public testimony is welcome.

State of Oregon Partners

The HECC works closely with the Governor’s Office, the Oregon Legislature,  and numerous state agencies and partners on policies, programs, and initiatives to build a seamless education and workforce development system and to meet statewide education goals. The Governor and Legislature determine state funding levels and policy, while the HECC has statutory authority to advise on and implement these decisions.


Equity and Community Partners

We work closely with numerous advisory committees and equity partners, as well as with community-based organizations and foundations. Learn more about our agency commitment to equity, or contact our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access team. We regularly convene the following advisory groups.

  • HECC Equity Advisory Committee
  • HECC Leadership Council for Equity

Tribal Engagement

Campus and Institutional Partners

The leadership, governance, and operations of higher education institutions is the responsibility of their respective presidents, governing boards of directors, and administrators.  The Commission works closely with institution leadership and faculty, who regularly engage in Commission meetings, as well as in the work of HECC subcommittees and work groups.


Professional Organizations and Committees That Serve Institutions

Student, Staff, and Faculty Partners

To achieve the student- and learner-centered vision of the HECC, the Commission works closely with student, staff, and faculty groups and individuals regularly in Commission meetings. In addition, student, staff, and faculty members serve on work groups, committees, and task forces associated with HECC research and policy work.

Additional Oregon, Regional, and National Partners

The HECC is closely engaged with numerous other partners, including federal government departments, agencies, foundations, national research and policy organizations, nonprofit and community-based organizations, businesses, local governments, school districts, schools, tribal organizations, and more. This list is not exhaustive, as individual offices and HECC programs partner with numerous other organizations.