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Strategy & Collaboration

​Coordination with Tribes in Oregon

The HECC highly values its Government-to-Government (G2G) relationship with the nine federally-recognized tribes in Oregon, who each hold sovereign status. 

HECC leaders participate in quarterly Government-to-Government Tribal Education Cluster meetings, and​ collaborate with the Governor’s Office and education agencies to accomplish the state’s educational goals.  The tribal education cluster focuses on identifying potential areas of partnership, leadership, relationship connection and resources to assist both the Tribes and the state.​

In addition, the HECC participates in Legislative Commission on Indian Services trainings and convenings and Oregon Department of Education efforts, as well as internal staff training on tribal considerations. Tribal partners and state agencies continue to work together to achieve mutual education goals and building lasting relationships built through trust and mutual respect.​

Background on Government-to-Government Relations

Oregon was the first state in the nation to pass a state-tribal Government-to-Government relations law, emphasizing the critical importance of establishing and maintaining a variety of methods to understand each other’s government structures, policies, programs, initiatives, traditions and history.  This informs decision-makers in both state and tribal governments as well provides opportunities for their respective programs, departments and staff to exchange relevant information and work together on shared interests.

Updates to the Government-to-Government Education Cluster and the Legislative Commission on Indian Services​

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