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Oregon Longitudinal Data Collaborative Research Agenda

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Each year, the Oregon Longitudinal Data Collaborative (OLDC) engages with the data partner agencies to identify the research studies and data reports for the coming year.

The OLDC partner agencies set larger goals and intended outcomes and then identify a series of projects to support those outcomes. This research agenda is then presented to the OLDC Executive Committee in the fall of each year for final approval.

OLDC Research Agenda 2024

Types of Projects

We produce several types of research projects, including data files, data reports, and research studies. Learn about each below.


Data File   

The OLDC produces a data file to deliver to a data partner agency for its reporting or research needs.


Data Report  

The OLDC produces a report that examines a topic in a structured and organized manner. This report is made available on the OLDC Research and Reports page. The report often uses visual aids to deliver the information in a clear and concise manner.


Research Study  

The OLDC produces an in-depth review of a specific set of research questions and publishes the results on the OLDC Research and Reports page.

Intended Outcomes

The OLDC Governance Committee decides on the research agenda by focusing on four intended outcomes listed below.

  • Understanding the impact of educational attainment on prosperity
  • Illuminating pathways between education, training, and workforce
  • Promoting action to dismantle systems of inequity
  • Supporting agency reporting needs

Archived Research Agendas