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Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC)

The ICPC is a nationwide law that governs the placement of children from one state to another. The law is the same across all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. Virgin Islands.

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About ICPC

The law says that placements must be approved and monitored when:

  • A child in state custody is placed with a resource in another state
  • A parent is placing a child in a non-relative setting in another state

The ICPC ensures:

  • Children are placed in a safe environment
  • Placements are supervised for ongoing safety and well-being
  • Sending states stay legally and financially responsible for children in their custody

Oregon joined the ICPC in 1975. For details on the Oregon law and procedures, see Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 417.200 and Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 413-040-0200 to 0292.

Legal requirements

ICPC requires that the laws of both the sending state and the receiving state are followed.

  • Placements must be approved through ICPC before a child is placed outside of Oregon.
  • If a violation of the law occurs, the violator is subject to penalties in either state, according to each state’s laws.

What placements are covered by ICPC?

ICPC is required when a child is being placed in another state and:

  • The child is temporarily in the custody of the State of Oregon. 
  • A parent is placing a child in a non-relative setting (like a residential treatment facility, group home or adoptive home). 
  • A public agency is placing a child in an adoptive home. 
  • A private agency is placing a child in an adoptive home. For information on private adoptions in Oregon, see the non-departmental adoptions page

ICPC is not required when:

  • A child is placed in a boarding school or medical facility. 
  • A child is being placed by a relative with another relative and the child is not in the temporary custody of the State of Oregon. 
  • A child is visiting for no more than 30 days or the duration of a school break. 


Specific forms are needed for ICPC referrals.


General information

Specific cases

Case assignments are based on the oldest child’s last name. Contact the assigned ICPC administrator listed below.

  • A - E:  Patty McCartney, 971-707-1805
  • F - K:  Marcy Stenerson, 971-707-1813
  • L - Q:  Lillie Axen, 971-707-1849
  • R - Z:  Kelly Key, 971-673-2550
  • Backup and consultation:  Amanda Kramer, MSW, 971-707-1975

Deputy Compact Administrator for Oregon

Vera James
500 Summer St NE, E70
Salem, OR 97310-1068