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Accident Reporting and Responsibilities


You must file an Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report with DMV within 72 hours when:
  • Damage to any vehicle is over $2,500 (even if your vehicle was the only one in the crash);
  • Any vehicle is towed from the scene;
  • Injury or death resulted from this accident; or
  • Damages to anyone’s property other than a vehicle involved in this accident is more than $2,500.

We will suspend your license if you don't file a required report.

If you were in an accident and the damages were less than $2,500, you can report to DMV if the other party doesn't have insurance. Be sure to clearly note on the accident report that it doesn't meet mandatory reporting criteria.

Note:  A police report does not count as filing an accident report with DMV. You must also file an accident report with DMV.

Frequently Asked Questions

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