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Governor’s Advisory Committee on Motorcycle Safety
The Governor’s Advisory Committee on Motorcycle Safety (GAC-MS) is an eight-member committee devoted to rider safety. The committee focuses on rider education, unimpaired riding, rider training, and advising ODOT and local governments on best 
practices as they pertain to motorcycles in the construction, maintenance, and operations of highways, roads, and streets. 

The GAC-MS is the voice of Oregon’s riders. Riders can comment to the committee on motorcycle safety issues during regular meetings or send correspondence. The GAC-MS’s meeting schedule, foundation documents, copies of pamphlets on the riding challenges unique to Oregon plus a state map of suggested routes can be found on the GAC-MS website.

Better Skills = Safer Thrills

Motorcycles and scooters are fun to ride and get great gas mileage. But riding a motorcycle or scooter is not like driving a car. Riders are less visible in traffic and more vulnerable in crashes. You need to think like a motorcyclist.

That’s why rider training is important. A  basic or intermediate endorsement class provides the knowledge and skills needed to start riding on the street. Advanced classes take those skills to a higher level. 

Endorsement classes provide 4 to 8 hours of practice riding on our training bikes plus classroom instruction. Topics include:

  • Understanding and selecting riding gear
  • Learning the location and operation of motorcycle controls
  • Getting underway, stopping, turning and shifting
  • Developing hazard awareness and riding strategy
  • Cornering, swerving and maximum braking
  • Handling weather, road surface and other challenges
  • Understanding conditions that affect vision, attention and judgment

To register for a class, visit: or call 800-545-9944

                                      Drive Safely and Courteously.

                                             It Could Save a Life!

                                                    This Message is Brought to You by Your Local DMV Office