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Table of Contents

Cover photo of the Parents Guide to Teen Driving

The information contained in this guide is not intended to be a comprehensive document for teaching good driving habits.

As a helpful guide, it contains information that, if used, can help reduce risk. Good judgment should be used to adapt this information to different driving situations and conditions.

Welcome to the World of Teen Driving

Parent's Role in the World of Teen Driving

  • Provisional Instruction Permit Restrictions
  • Teen Provisional License Requirements and Restrictions
  • Driving Risks
  • High-Risk Driving Conditions

Supervise Your Teen Driver

  • Tips for Supervising Teen Driving
  • Use a Practice Driving Log
  • Have Your Teen Do These Each Time When Practicing

Set Family Rules and Guidelines for Driving

  • Use a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement
  • Driving Rules/Guidelines for Your Family
  • Provide a Safe, Reliable Vehicle for Your Teen
  • Impose Consequences for Violating Rules/Guidelines

Before You Even Begin

  • Teen Driver Teaching Orientation
  • Top Driving Errors
  • Aggressive Driving
  • When is it Aggressive Driving?
  • When Confronted by Aggressive Drivers
  • Parent Tips for Teaching Your Teen Driver
  • Vehicle Safety Features
  • Does Your Vehicle Have Antilock Brake Systems (ABS)?
  • Vehicle Functioning
  • Blind Spots
  • Become Familiar with Blind Spots

Basic Driving Skills

  • Automatic or Manual Transmission
  • Steering Control and Hand Position
  • Speed Control
  • Lane Positions
  • Following Time
  • Searching Skills
  • Communication with Other Drivers
  • Use of Headlights

Step-by-Step Maneuvers

  • First Things First
  • Entering the Vehicle
  • Making Adjustments
  • Starting the Car
  • Secure the Car After Driving
  • Backing
  • Backing Straight
  • Backing Turns
  • Backing Into a Driveway
  • Backing Out of a Driveway
  • Parking
  • Entering Angle Parking
  • Exiting Angle Parking
  • Pulling Forward into Perpendicular Parking Space
  • Backing into Perpendicular Parking Space
  • Parallel Parking
  • Parking on Hills
  • Turns
  • Bicycles on the Roadway

Complex Driving Skills

  • Changing Lanes
  • Passing
  • Entering the Freeway
  • Exiting the Freeway
  • Railroad Grade Crossings
  • School Zones
  • Crosswalks
  • Night Driving
  • Skid Recovery
  • Driving in Bad Weather

Emergencies — How to Handle Them

  • Vehicle Malfunctions

Does DMV Monitor My Driving Record?

  • Other Important Facts

The Rules For Graduated Driver Licensing

Practice Driving Log