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Information for Insurance Companies

DMV maintains a computerized record system of auto insurance coverage information that is accessible to DMV and law enforcement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Vehicle insurers must notify DMV within 15 days of issuing a new policy or adding a vehicle to an existing policy, and within 30 days of policy cancellations.

Insurance information is returned to the insurance company if the VIN does not match a DMV vehicle record.

Oregon Administrative Rule 735-050-0131 Oregon Automobile Liability Insurance Reporting (ALIR)​ - Use the link to rule 735-050-0131 to review ALIR requirements. 

ALIR Trading Partner New Profile 
Use this form to establish a Trading Partner (TP) profile and Sender ID.

ALIR Insurance Company Profile Information – New Profile
Existing Trading Partners (TP) with an established profile use this form to establish a new profile for an insurance company.  

ALIR Trading Partner Profile Information Change 
Existing Trading Partners (TP) use this form to make a TP profile change. 

ALIR Insurance Company Profile Information – Change Profile 
Trading Partners use this form to change must be made to an established insurance company profile. 

ALIR Instruction Manuals

Questions/More Information

Telephone: 503-945-5098 
Fax: 503-945-5267 

Oregon Revised Statute 742.490 – 742.796​ describes that individuals 55 years of age or older may qualify for an insurance rate discount upon completion of an approved motor vehicle accident prevention course. 

  • DMV is unable to answer questions related to rate discounts. For information regarding aged based rate discounts, you must contact an insurer. 
  • Prior to signing up for a course, it is recommended that you discuss the benefits of taking a course. 

Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 802.075, Rules for accident prevention course. The Department of Transportation shall adopt rules for approval of a motor vehicle accident prevention course that will qualify a person for the reduction in premium provided by ORS 742.490 to 742.494. The rules may include requirements for the contents of a course and qualifications of an organization offering a course.

Oregon Administrative Rule 735-014-0000​ outlines contents of a course and qualifications of an organization offering a course. 

To request to become an approved course provider, submit DMV form 735-7366.  

For additional information regarding course approval, email