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Learn to Drive


Whether you want to learn to drive for the first time, want a refresher course, or need special training for a medical condition; you have some options:

  • Learn from a licensed driver; or
  • Take a driver training course.

Learn From a Licensed Driver

For basic driving instruction, you can ask any licensed driver to teach you how to drive.  There are some criteria they need to meet.

The licensed driver must:

  • Be 21 years old or older; and
  • Have held a valid Driver License for 3 years.

Take a Driver Training Course

You can take a course from a certified driver training provider, or driving school.

Some course examples are:

  • Driver Ed: teens or adults;
  • Defensive Driving;
  • Bad Weather Driving; or
  • Private Lessons.

DMV certifies driver training businesses and instructors.  To get certified, they must prove their knowledge of the rules and laws about driving in Oregon.  They can only teach driving in a non-commercial passenger vehicle, not a commercial truck or bus.

Select your age group to see your options:

Adults – 18 and over

Become a Certified School or Instructor

To learn how to become a certified driver training school, visit our Become a Driver Training Provider page.

For instructions on becoming a certified instructor for a certified driver training school, visit our Driver Training Instructor page.

Concerns about a provider?

If you have a concern about a provider or one of their instructors, please report it by calling 503-945-6049503-945-6049, or by email.

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