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Motorcycle Instruction Permit & Endorsement


There are 3 types of riding privileges issued to motorcycle riders:

  • Motorcycle Instruction Permit;
  • Motorcycle Endorsement; or
  • Restricted (Three Wheel) Motorcycle Endorsement.

Who needs a Permit/Endorsement?

You need a motorcycle permit or endorsement if your “bike”:

  • Goes over 30 mph on level ground; or
  • Is over 50 cc.

For more information on specific motorcycle, moped, autocycle, off-road vehicles and their endorsement requirements please see the Motorcycle & Moped Manual.

Motorcycle Instruction Permit

This permit allows you to ride a motorcycle with specific restrictions.

To get your permit, you must:


  • Must be accompanied by, and under the supervision and visual observation of, a rider on a separate motorcycle who is at least 21 years of age and who has a valid motorcycle endorsement;
  • Operation only during daylight hours; and
  • No passengers.

For more information, see the Motorcycle & Moped Manual.

Motorcycle Endorsement

This endorsement allows you to ride a 2-wheel motorcycle.

To get your endorsement, you must:

  • Pass the rider education course from TEAM OREGON;
    • Basic Rider Training, or BRT, will waive both the DMV knowledge and skills tests;
    • Intermediate Rider Training, or IRT, and other online courses will only waive the skills tests;
    • eRider Training courses, eBRT or eIRT, will only waive the skills tests, the DMV knowledge test is required.
  • Determine if you need a Real ID;
  • Make an appointment or visit a DMV office for standby service;
  • Bring your TEAM OREGON completion card (if applicable);
  • Show proof of your residence address and identity (if you want a Real ID you must bring additional documents);
  • Pass the motorcycle knowledge test (if applicable). The fee for the knowledge test is $5 each time you take the test;
  • Pass a vision test;
  • Pay the fees that apply; and
  • Get your picture taken.

Restricted (Three Wheel) Motorcycle Endorsement

This endorsement allows you to ride a 3-wheel motorcycle.

To get your endorsement, you must:

Who needs a helmet?

Every rider and passenger is required to wear a DOT approved helmet.  It’s the law.

Frequently Asked Questions

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