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Donations to the Oregon Veterans' Home - Lebanon

Have you ever wondered how you could give back to those who gave so much? Donating your time or resources to the OVHL is a great way to start.

Your financial donation to the Homes goes towards activities and items that make life more enjoyable for the residents, including: field trips, exercise equipment, refreshments for outings, transportation, medical equipment and supplies, benches, patios, plants, and magazine subscriptions. Donations are also used to assist in the cost of care for those with temporary financial difficulties.

Ways to Donate

Donations are accepted by the below methods, and all donations are tax-deductible.

Online Donations

Online donations are securely accepted via the web application below:

Donate Now

In Person Or By Mail

The reception desk at the OVHL is happy to accept your donation and provide a receipt on site, or you may mail checks to:

Oregon Veterans' Home - Lebanon
c/o Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs
700 Summer St NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

Charitable CheckOff

Another way to give to the OVHL is to donate a portion of your state tax refund. Oregon Department of Revenue’s Charitable Checkoff program allows you to donate all or part of your Oregon tax refund to the Home. Contact the Program Director for details.

Other Types of Giving

Donations to the OVHL are used to support our veteran residents or augment the many programs we have. Donations are used to enhance the quality of life for veterans through activities, events, and equipment. Great consideration is taken to use the gifts to improve the quality of life for our honored veterans to enjoy. (We reserve the right to carefully select what donations are accepted and prefer each donation to be in good to best condition for the honor of our veteran residents. The OVHL is a state-owned facility, and therefore a non-smoking campus, and will not accept any smoking-related items.)

Our residents need/use the following items:

• Bluetooth speakers with a USB port input
• Electric razors (Norelco, Remington, etc.)
• Apple iTunes gift cards
• Amazon giftcards
• Local (Lebanon/Albany) restaurant gift cards (in increments of $10)
• Wal-Mart gift cards (in increments of $10)
• Microwave popcorn/kettle corn
• Hostess snack cakes
• Adult clothing protectors (bibs)
• Magnifying glasses
• Handheld electronic games (e.g. Yahtzee and poker)
• Sensory stimulating items such as soap, body wash (Old Spice), shaving cream (not travel
• Aroma therapy lotion
• Gatorade Regular and Zero (Diabetics)
• Dove (Gentle Body Wash)
• Old Spice Body Wash
• Non-Scented and Non-Medicated Lotion
• Non-Caffeinated Root Beer
• Diet (Sugar Free) Root Beer
• Non-Caffeinated Orange Crush
• Diet (Sugar Free) Orange Crush
• Birthday Party Decor - Plates, Cups, Balloons
• Keurig Cups - Folgers, Decafe and Hot Cocoa
• Acrylic Paints and Canvas of many different sizes
• Adult Coloring Books that are larger/easier to see


Welcome Basket Needs

We offer a welcome basket to each new veteran resident that is filled with supplies to make the transition into the OVHL easier. Inside this basket are the items we are in need of:

• Wall calendars
• Back scratchers
• Stress balls
• Patriotic items (e.g. flags, pins)
• Americana items
• Loofahs (various colors)
• Travel-size air fresheners (e.g. Febreze), various scents
• Chapstick, various flavors

No travel-size toiletries, please.