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CPD Audits

Continuing Professional Development Audits

Registrants must obtain 30 professional development hour (PDH) units during each biennial registration period. In accordance with Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 820-010-0635 and OAR 820-015-0026, each registrant is charged with the responsibility of maintaining records of the PDH units acquired for the biennial renewal schedule.  

3% of active registrants from each discipline (PE, PLS, RPP, CWRE) are randomly selected for audits every January and July. 
Audited registrants are notified by mail that they must submit supporting documents from the previous biennial registration period for the PDH units.  Registrants have 1 month to respond to this notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The online CPD Form will list all of your PDH units from last biennial renewal period (or biennium). See OAR 820-010-0635​ for details.
Your online CPD form and supporting documents from the last biennial renewal period (or biennium) for the PDH units noted on your online CPD form.
Please use the online CPD form in your MyOSBEELS account.
See your notification letter for details.
Supporting documents include, but are not limited to: conference registration reciepts, continuing education certificates, conference programs, workshop reciepts, and course catalogs for any course taught. See OAR 820-010-0635​ for details.
When you submitted your CPD Form along with your renewal, you certified completion of the required professional development hours during the last biennial renewal period (or biennium).  The audit will determine if the PDH units listed on your online CPD Form satisfied those professional development requirements. The audit must be completed and any penalties resulting from the audit need to be paid before you can retire