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License Status Changes

Retirement Status

By placing your registration(s) into retirement status, as defined in the Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 820-010-0520, you will no longer be authorized to engage in the professional practice of engineering, land surveying, and/or photogrammetric mapping as defined in the Oregon Revised Statute (ORS), Chapter 672. You will have a period of 5 years from the date of your request to reinstate your registration(s) into the active status in accordance with the ORS 672.180 and OAR 820-010-0520.

Inactive Status

Registrants who want to request to place their registration(s) as a professional engineer (PE), professional land surveyor (PLS), registered professional photogrammetrist (RPP), and/or certification as a certified water right examiner (CWRE) can place their registration into the inactive status if the registrant or certificate holder maintains a current registration or certification in another jurisdiction as provided in OAR 820-010-0520.

Reinstatement from Inactive or Retired Status

Registrants and/or certificate holders who want to reinstate a professional registration(s) or certificate from the retired or inactive status. See the following ORS and OARs for detailed information: ORS 672.180 and OAR 820-080-0010, OAR 820-010-0505, OAR 820-010-0520, and OAR 820-010-0635.

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