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Renew a License

pocket cardBiennial Renewal Schedule

Registrations must be renewed on a biennial (every 2 years) schedule. Registrants must complete and postmark or hand-deliver a Renewal Form (including payment and a completed Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Form to OSBEELS before 5:00 p.m. on your registration expiration date.

cpd form
Continuing Education Requirements

Registrants must obtain 30 professional development hour (PDH) units during each biennial registration period. In accordance with Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 820-010-0635 and  OAR 820-015-0026, each registrant is charged with the responsibility of maintaining PDH records of completion for the biennial renewal schedule.  If audited, a registrant must report and submit to the OSBEELS office the details of PDH units acquired. PDH units must be recorded on the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Form

Renewal Forms

Download: Renewal Form

Delinquent Registrants

Failure to postmark or hand-deliver your Renewal Form, CPD Form, and renewal fee to OSBEELS by 5:00 p.m. on the day of the expiration date will put your registration in "delinquent" status.  Delinquent registrants are not authorized to practice in their field, may not supervise others in their field, and may not sign or apply their seal to any documents. Delinquent registrants will remain in delinquent status until the delinquent fee is paid, renewal fee is paid, and CPD verification is submitted. For more details, see OAR 820-010-0505 and OAR 820-010-0520.

Frequently Asked Renewal Questions

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