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The Legislature Plans for a New Capitol
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With the Capitol in ruins, the Legislature not only needed a plan for rebuilding, but a place to meet in the meantime.  A special session was held from October 21-November 9, 1935 to resolve these issues.  The Oregon Capitol Reconstruction Commission was created by the Legislature to oversee the building project.


Report of the State Capitol Reconstruction Commission to the Governor and the Oregon Legislative Assembly Portland : Oregon State Capitol Reconstruction Commission, 1937-1939

An Act to Provide for the Construction and Equipping of a State Capitol Building
Salem, Or. : Oregon Capitol Reconstruction Commission, 1935

State Capitols and their Sites
Salem, Or. : Oregon State Library, 1935

"Where shall we locate the capitol?" Address of Mr. Sheldon Sacket to Portland City Club, Benson Hotel, Portland, 1935

Membership of the State Capitol Committee, Committee meeting with Board of Control, Letter to Secretaries of Clubs, Suggested Resolutions for Clubs, Willamette University Proposal Salem, Or. : State Capitol Committee, 1935

The ABC's of an Adequate, Wise and Popular Capitol Site Plan
Salem, Or. : State Capitol Committee, 1935

Grounds of the State Capitols over the United States
Salem, Or. : State Capitol Committee, 1935

Why Salem is Rallying to Willamette Capitol Site Plan
Salem, Or. : State Capitol Committee, 1935

A Report on State Building Needs in Salem and Capitol Group Planning Salem, Or. : Oregon State Planning Board, Public Works Committee, 1936

Portland: Oregon Capitol Reconstruction Commission, December 4, 1935-March 29, 1939


Plan Rebuilding of Capitol  Oregon Statesman, April 27, 1935
Decision Looms Today, Capitol Site Selection  Oregon Statesman, September 5, 1935

Willamette Cuts Price to $750,000 but Wants Site; Still Far Apart  Oregon Statesman, September 6, 1935

Campus Price Negotiations Resumed Here  Oregon Statesman, September 7, 1935

Campus Site Deal Completed  Oregon Statesman, September 10, 1935

Capitol Must Be Within City Limits of 1864  Oregon Statesman, September 14, 1935

Special Session Summons Issued  Oregon Statesman, October 8, 1935

Capitol Grounds Extension Toward East New Proposal  Oregon Statesman, October 16, 1935

All of Proposed Capitol Sites Are Viewed by Legislature  Oregon Statesman, October 24, 1935

Planning Board Reports on Capitol Needs  Oregon Statesman, October 25, 1935

Capitol to Be Built Upon or Near Old Site  Oregon Statesman, October 27, 1935

Hill Locations Out Despite Gift Offer; Maximum Price Set  Oregon Statesman, October 29, 1935

Purchase of Two Blocks Voted; Group Capitol Is Made Possible
  Oregon Statesman, November 2, 1935

Capitol Issue to Use Up All Time Allotted
  Oregon Statesman, November 3, 1935

Same Site, Two and Half Million Cost Voted  Oregon Statesman, November 10, 1935