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September 25 2007 Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
GRES Advisory Council Meeting
September 25, 2007
Present:  Chane Griggs, Perrin Damon, Sandra Allen, Chris Bell, Kathi Riddell,Arlene Weible, Crystal Knapp, Robert Hulshof-Schmidt (Facilitator), Kate McGann (Recorder)
Welcome/History - Library Director, Jim Scheppke presented a history of the Oregon State Library.
Review and adapt Bylaws –
A motion was made by Chris Bell to adapt the bylaws with the following changes:
·        Remove Section 6. Amending bylaws
·        Adapt Roberts Rules of Order for conducting meetings unless they are in conflict with provisions of the bylaws or unless modified by standing or special rules of the Advisory Council.
Perrin seconded the motion.  .
Vote:  Unanimous
Election of Advisory Committee Chair Person:
Nominations were accepted for GRES Advisory Council Chair Person. 
Chane Griggs nominated Chris Bell to serve as Chair Person.  There were no additional nominations for this position.
Vote:  Unanimous by acclamation of the Board.
Overview of State Library and how GRES fits in -Robert Hulshof-Schmidt
Action item:  Robert will send Advisory Council members the date and time and location of the next State Library Board meeting.  Minutes of the State Library board meeting will be distributed to GRES Advisory Council members.  GRES Advisory Council members are encouraged to attend.
Action item:
Robert will provided Advisory Council members with a list of GRES team members and a description of their work
Tour of Library – Jey Wann
Jey Wann conducted a tour of the library for Advisory Council members.
Overview of GRES Services – Service Model, Charter, Annual Report – Robert Hulshof-Schmidt
Robert presented a detailed overview of the Government Research and Electronic Services team’s work.   He referred to supporting documents included in the Advisory Council’s packet including GRES Service Model Team Charter, and Annual Report.
Perrin Damon mentioned GOVDOCs, a system that uses technology to detect content updates on web pages and proactively sends e-mail alerts to those interested in receiving them. 
Sandy raised a question regarding the possibility of recording and/or broadcasting lecture programs sponsored by the State Library.  Kate has explored the possibility. 
Action item:  Kate and Robert will explore the concept or recording lecture programs more thoroughly.
Overview of existing outreach and training services - Robert Hulshof-Schmidt
The purpose and types of Outreach Services provided by the State Library to state employees were discussed.
Robert suggested Advisory Council members do some informal data gathering in their respective agencies regarding what types of library services agency personnel are currently using and what types of services they might wish to use. 
Agreed:   Council members agreed to a communication standard of one week turn around for comments or requests for feedback.
Agreed:  Council members share the findings of their data gathering at the next Advisory Council meeting.
Action Item:  Robert will send a list of information gathering questions to Advisory Council.
Action Item:  Robert will check with Jim regarding postponement of the GRES November Customer Satisfaction Survey.
Action Item:  Desktop Learning Conference – October.  Kate will send Council members registration information.
Action Item:  Fiscal year 06-07 Customer Satisfaction Survey.  Kate will send copies to all Advisory Council members.
Action Item:  Kate will send Advisory Council members a survey draft that seeks feedback on new topics for instruction.
Action item:  Robert will setup a GRES Advisory Council distribution list for communication.
Set draft agendas and action items for next two meetings
Agreed:   The next 3 meetings will be bimonthly rather than quarterly.  Meetings will be scheduled for 3.5-4 hours in the morning.  Robert will pose some possible dates to the group.  The group may decide to proceed with quarterly meetings after the April 2008 meeting.
Action Item:   Robert will find workable dates in November 07, January 08, April 08.