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Oregon's LSTA Five-Year Plan

2018-2022 LSTA Five-Year Plan

Each state is required to develop a five-year plan which indicates how the state will spend LSTA block grant funds to fulfill the purposes of the Library Services and Technology Act (P.L.111-340).  All LSTA expenditures must support at least one of these purposes.  Oregon's Five-Year Plan for 2018-2022 (PDF) lays out the particular goals and strategies of the state to improve library services with LSTA funds.
The additional purpose of “developing public and private partnerships with other agencies and community-based organizations” is deemed by the Institute of Museum and Library Services to be a methodology that can be integrated into projects that address the other purposes.
The development of the 2018-2022 Plan responded to the evaluation of Oregon's Five-Year Plan for 2013-2017 (PDF) , which was completed at the end of March 2017:

The Six Purposes of the Library Services and Technology Act 2010

Purpose 1
Expanding services for learning and access to information and educational resources in a variety of formats, in all types of libraries, for individuals of all ages in order to support such individuals' needs for education, lifelong learning, workforce development, and digital literacy skills
Purpose 2
Establishing or enhancing electronic and other linkages and improved coordination among and between libraries and entities for the purpose of improving the quality of and access to library and information services
Purpose 3
Providing training and professional development, including continuing education, to enhance the skills of the current library workforce and leadership, and advance the delivery of library and information services and enhance efforts to recruit future professionals to the field of library and information services
Purpose 4
Targeting library services to individuals of diverse geographic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds, and to individuals with limited functional literacy or information skills
Purpose 5
Targeting library and information services to persons having difficulty using a library and to underserved urban and rural communities, including children (from birth through age 17) from families with incomes below the poverty line (as defined by the Office of Management and Budget and revised annually in accordance with section 9902(2) of title 42) applicable to a family of the size involved
Purpose 6
Developing library services that provide all users access to information through local, state, regional, national, and international collaborations and networks

Goals of the State Library's LSTA Five-Year plan (2018 - 2022)

Goal 1: Provide access to library services, materials, and information resources

Goal 2: Use technology to increase capacity to provide access to library services, materials, and information resources

Goal 3: Promote evidence-based practice in libraries

Goal 4: Develop information literacy skills

Goal 5: Foster lifelong learning

Questions? Contact Susan Westin at 378-5435 or susan.b.westin@state.or.us

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