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Oregon Library Laws - Revised Statutes - Special Districts: Dissolution
Oregon Revised Statutes
Chapter 198 - Special Districts Generally
198.920 Dissolution procedure. Dissolution of a district may be initiated:
(1) By a petition of the electors requesting dissolution of the district, filed with the county board.
(2) By resolution of the district board filed with the county board when the district board determines that it is in the best interest of the inhabitants of the district that the district be dissolved and liquidated.
(3) By resolution of the county board:
(a) If the district at the time of the regular district election has not elected district board members, as required by the principal Act, to fill vacancies on the district board; or
(b) If the territory within the district is uninhabited; and
(c) If in either case the county board determines that it is in the best interest of the people of the county that the district be dissolved and liquidated.
(4) Within five days after a petition is filed or a resolution of a county board is adopted under this section, a copy shall be filed with the district secretary, if any, or with any other district officer who can with reasonable diligence be located.
(5) If there are no qualified district board members, the county board shall act as or appoint a board of trustees to act in behalf of the district.
198.925 Findings of fact by district board.
(1) When dissolution proceedings have been initiated, the district board shall make findings of fact which shall include:
(a) The amount of each outstanding bond, coupon and other indebtedness, with a general description of the indebtedness and the name of the holder and owner of each, if known.
(b) A description of each parcel of real property and interest in real property and, if the property was acquired for delinquent taxes or assessments, the amount of such taxes and assessments on each parcel of property.
(c) Uncollected taxes, assessments and charges levied by the district and the amount upon each lot or tract of land.
(d) A description of the personal property and of all other assets of the district.
(e) The estimated cost of dissolution.
(2) The district board shall propose a plan of dissolution and liquidation.
(3) Within 30 days after initiation of the dissolution proceeding, the findings of fact and the proposed plan of dissolution and liquidation shall be filed in the office of the county clerk and shall be available for inspection by any interested person.
198.930 Plan for dissolution and liquidation. The plan of dissolution and liquidation may include provision for transfer and conveyance of all assets of the district to any other district or, in the case of a county service district, to the county in which the district is located, which has the authority to and agrees to assume the outstanding indebtedness of the dissolving district, if any, and to continue to furnish similar services to the inhabitants of the district.
198.935 Election on dissolution; consent of creditors; content of notice.
(1) When the district to be dissolved is within the jurisdiction of a local government boundary commission, within 10 days after the district board files the plan of dissolution and liquidation required by ORS 198.925, the district board shall file the documents initiating dissolution with the boundary commission in accordance with ORS 199.476.
(2) Within 10 days after the district board files the plan of dissolution and liquidation required by ORS 198.925, and following boundary commission approval if necessary, the district board shall call an election for the purpose of submitting to the electors of the district the question of whether the district shall be dissolved, its indebtedness liquidated and its assets disposed of in accordance with the plan proposed. The election shall be held on the next available election date in ORS 255.345 for which the filing deadline can be met. No election shall be called until the assent of all known holders of valid indebtedness against the district is obtained or provision is made in the plan for payment of the nonassenting holders. The notice of the election shall contain a brief summary of the plan of dissolution and liquidation and state that the plan of dissolution is available for examination at the office of the county clerk.
198.940 Dissolution without election. The election required by ORS 198.935 shall be dispensed with and the county board shall declare the district dissolved and proceed in accordance with ORS 198.945, if the county board finds that:
(1) Dissolution is in the interest of the people of the county; and
(2) The territory within the affected district is uninhabited;
(3) The district has failed regularly to elect district board members in accordance with the principal Act of the district; or
(4) For a county service district, dissolution is required due to an absence of public need for continuation of the district, as provided in ORS 451.620.
198.945 Trustees for dissolved district; records to county clerk; limitation on further elections.
(1) Upon canvassing the vote after the election, if it appears that a majority or more of the votes cast approve dissolution, the district board shall declare the district dissolved. The board shall thereupon constitute a board of trustees who shall pay the debts or procure releases thereof and dispose of the property of the district. If the dissolved district was located wholly within the limits of one county, the board of the dissolving district may designate the county board as the board of trustees for the purpose of winding up the affairs of the district. If a majority of the votes cast at the election is against dissolution, the district board shall declare the proposal lost and cause the result of the vote to be made a part of the records of the district. In either case, the results of the election shall be certified to the county board immediately after the canvass of the vote.
(2) If dissolution is approved, after the affairs of the district have been fully settled, all books and records of the district shall be deposited by the board of trustees in the office of the county clerk of the county. At the same time, the board of trustees shall execute under oath, and file with the county board, a statement that the district has been dissolved and its affairs liquidated. From the date of the statement, the corporate existence of the district is terminated for all purposes.
(3) If a majority of the votes cast are against dissolution, no further election for dissolution shall be called by the board, upon petition or upon a resolution of the board, prior to the expiration of one year from the date of the election on dissolution.
198.950 Power of trustees to convey assets. The board of trustees may convey to another district all assets of the dissolving district as described by ORS 198.930:
(1) If the other district assumes all debts and obligations of the dissolving district and undertakes to continue to furnish the service provided by the dissolving district pursuant to the plan of dissolution and liquidation; and
(2) If the consent of all the known holders of valid indebtedness against the district has been obtained, or provision has been made in the plan for payment of the nonassenting holders.
198.955 Disposition of assets; rules.
(1) Except as provided by ORS 198.950, any surplus funds remaining to the credit of the district, after payment of the indebtedness of the district, shall be turned over to the county treasurer. If the assets of the district are insufficient to pay the indebtedness, the board of trustees shall levy taxes, within the limits of the authority of the district, for the liquidation of such indebtedness.
(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, if the property of a district is located within the corporate limits of a city, such property shall, upon dissolution of the district, vest in the city in which located and the property of the district lying outside the corporate limits of any city shall vest in the county until the formation of a city embracing such territory, at which time it shall vest in the city.
(3) In each year that the county receives surplus funds to the credit of the district under subsection (1) of this section, any funds in the account of the district on June 30, in excess of $6,000 retained by the county for administration, shall be certified to the county assessor and shall be disposed of as provided under one of the following paragraphs, as selected by the county assessor:
(a) Notwithstanding ORS 310.105, the funds may be offset against that portion of the levies of taxing units levied against the property values of property within the dissolved district. The method of offset shall be further defined by rule of the Department of Revenue. If the funds are offset as provided under this paragraph, the funds shall be distributed to each taxing unit in the amount of that taxing unit's offset.
(b) The amount may be credited to each property appearing on the tax roll for the year for which the credit applies within the dissolved district on the basis of current assessed value. If the surplus funds are distributed under this paragraph, the surplus funds shall be deposited in the unsegregated tax collections account established under ORS 311.385 and distributed in the same manner as other funds in that account. The method to be used to credit the amount of the surplus shall be further defined by rule of the Department of Revenue.