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Oregon Library Laws - Revised Statutes - Elections: Conduct of Elections
Oregon Revised Statutes
Chapter 255 - Special District Elections
255.275 Consolidated use of election supplies. The county clerk, when practical, shall use the same election notices, election boards, polling places, official and sample ballots, poll books, equipment and materials necessary for the conduct of the elections.
255.285 Combining of election precincts. The county clerk may combine precincts for any district election not later than the 30th day before the election.
255.288 Methods of providing map of proposed boundaries for election on boundary question. At any election in which the question of establishing or changing the exterior boundaries of a district or the question of establishing or changing boundaries of electoral zones or subdistricts within a district is submitted to a vote, the elections officer shall provide a map indicating the proposed boundaries. The elections officer shall provide the map by:
(1) Posting the map in each voting compartment or by each shelf or table, within view of the elector;
(2) Printing the map in any voters' pamphlet prepared for the district election and making the voters' pamphlet available at each polling place; or
(3) Mailing the map with the ballot in an election conducted by mail if the county does not produce a voters' pamphlet for the election.
255.291 Ballot to state position or zone number of candidate. In a district in which a position or zone number is assigned to each office on the district board, the ballot shall state the position or zone number of the office to which the candidate seeks election. The candidate's name shall appear on the ballot only for the designated position or zone.
255.295 Preparing abstract; notification of results.
(1) Not later than the 20th day after the date of an election, the county clerk shall prepare an abstract of the votes and deliver it to the district elections authority. Not later than the 30th day after receiving the abstract the district elections authority shall determine from it the result of the election.
(2) Subject to ORS 254.548, the county clerk may issue a certificate of election only after the district elections authority has notified the county clerk in writing of the result of the election. The notification to the county clerk shall contain a statement indicating whether any candidate elected to district office is qualified to hold the office.
255.305 Election expenses paid by district; exceptions; apportionment of expenses; rules.
(1) Except as otherwise provided by ORS 198.775, 261.210, 568.542 and 607.025, the expenses incurred for a district election shall be paid by that district.
(2) When two or more districts hold an election on the same day, the expenses of the election shall be equitably apportioned among the districts.
(3) The Secretary of State by rule:
(a) May designate a formula for the apportionment of expenses under subsection (2) of this section; and
(b) Designate categories of election expenses that are chargeable to a district.