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Oregon Library Laws - Revised Statutes - State Library: Trustees
Oregon State Library
Chapter 357 - Libraries; Archives ; Poet Laureate
357.010 Trustees of State Library.
(1) The Governor shall appoint seven persons, who shall constitute the Trustees of the State Library. All appointments shall be for a term of four years beginning on July 1 of the year of appointment, except appointments to fill vacancies, which shall be made by the Governor for the unexpired term. Members shall be eligible for reappointment for only one additional term, but any person may be appointed again to the board after an interval of one year. All appointments of members by the Governor are subject to confirmation by the Senate in the manner provided in ORS 171.562 and 171.565.
(2) A member is entitled to compensation and expenses as provided in ORS 292.495.
(3) The members shall elect a chairperson who shall serve for one year commencing July 1. The State Librarian shall serve as secretary to the trustees.
357.015 Functions of trustees; rules. The Trustees of the State Library shall be the policy-making body for the State Library and shall:
(1) Appoint the State Librarian who shall be a graduate of a library school accredited by the American Library Association or who possesses the equivalent in training and experience and who shall serve at the pleasure of the trustees. Except as otherwise provided by law, the trustees shall fix the compensation of the State Librarian.
(2) Formulate general policies for the State Library and, pursuant to ORS chapter 183, adopt rules for its operation.
(3) Review and approve budget requests for the State Library.
(4) Adopt long-range plans for the statewide development and coordination of library service in consultation with libraries, state and local governments and the people of this state.
(5) At the beginning of each regular session of the Legislative Assembly, advise the Governor and the Legislative Assembly on new programs or legislation necessary for effective library service for the people of this state.
(6) Have control of, use and administer the State Library Donation Fund for the benefit of the State Library, except that every gift, devise or bequest for a specific purpose shall be administered according to its terms.
357.031 Authority of trustees. The Trustees of the State Library may:
(1) Enter into contracts with any person or governmental entity:
(a) To provide, extend, improve or coordinate library services; or
(b) To demonstrate appropriate programs of library services.
(2) Enter into library agreements pursuant to Article V of the Interstate Library Compact (ORS 357.340).
(3) Establish, equip and maintain regional library service centers of the State Library outside the City of Salem when the library needs of the state will be better served.
357.035 Trustees as agency to apply for federal or private funds. Subject to the provisions of ORS 291.260 and 291.375, the Trustees of the State Library are designated as a state agency empowered to apply for federal or private funds and accept and enter into appropriate agreements for library purposes on behalf of the state or its political subdivisions or for any activity appropriate to the State Library on behalf of the state for the receipt of such funds from the federal government or its agencies or from any private source, and supervise the disbursement of such funds.
357.040 Authority of trustees over real and personal property.
(1) The Trustees of the State Library may acquire control and dispose of any and all real and personal property given to or for the benefit of the State Library by private donors, whether the gifts of the property are made to the State Library or to the trustees thereof or to the State of Oregon for the benefit of the library.
(2) The trustees may accept by assignment and hold mortgages upon real and personal property acquired by way of gift or arising out of transactions entered into in accord with the powers, duties and authority given by this section, ORS 357.015 (6) and 357.195 to the trustees.
(3) The trustees may institute, maintain and participate in suits, actions and other judicial proceedings in the name of the State of Oregon for the foreclosure of such mortgages or for the purpose of carrying into effect any and all of the powers, duties and authority now vested in or given by this section, ORS 357.015 (6) and 357.195 to the trustees.