The Talking Books Online Catalog uses filters to help you narrow down the results of a search.  The list of filters appears to the left of the results list, and includes filters for format, availability, recently added, subject, and language.  Depending on the results of a search the filters to choose from will change.


Filters work by removing excess results from a search one of two ways:

      • Retain: click the text of a filter to retain only the results that match that filter.
      • Remove: click the blue circle with a minus sign to the right of a filter to remove all results that match the filter.


You can click on multiple filters to further focus your results.  For example, you can search for mysteries, then select filters for books added over the last year that have hardcopies immediately available.  These two filters alone reduce results from 10,000+ titles to just hundreds!


Here are some additional tips and tricks when using filters:

      • If you accidentally click on a filter, you can use your browser’s back button to get the removed books back on the list.
      • There are also links above your results list that allow you to remove filters you’ve selected.
      • ​If you click on a title to read more about it then go back to the full results list, your filters will still remain.