​Each book on a results list has a box in the far-left “Select” column.  Check the select box, then click the Add Selected to Book Basket button at the top or bottom of the results list.

      • If you want to select more than one book on a page, be sure to check them all before clicking the Add Selected to Book Basket button.


Clicking the Add Selected to Book Basket button will take you directly to your book basket.

      • From here you can choose to go search for and add more books, or you can finalize your requests by clicking the Proceed to Checkout button.


If you are logged in, the books in your book basket will be added to your request list when you check out.

      • If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.
      • If you do not know your login information, you can click the Email Basket button to send us the list of books.  Follow the instructions on the page so we know whose account the requests are for.


You can mark up to three books per day as rush requests.  A rush request will be favored ahead of other requests, and if we have an available hardcopy the book will mail out in your next shipment.


Here are a couple of things to remember about requests:

      • You can have as many books on request as you want, but we recommend keeping your request list at a reasonable level.  That way you get more of your high-interest books, instead of missing out on those high-interest books because your request list is bogged down with lots of moderate or low-interest books.
      • Newer requests will mail out ahead of older requests.
      • Reques​ts expire after one year.  We purge expired requests once a year.