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Newberg Pool Rules

The Newberg Pool is a very popular area on the Willamette River (River Mile 26.6 to 55). This area of the river is deep and calm, which is ideal for motorboating and towed watersports. The Newberg Pool is also narrow, with a lot of private docks on both sides of the river.

To balance boating fun and prevent negative impacts, there are special rules for boat operations. If you're driving a boat for tubing, waterskiing, or wakeboarding more education is required. Boats must also weigh less than 5,500 pounds and apply for special decals for those activities. Wakeboarders and waterskiiers must also keep a certain distance from structures. Wake surfing is not allowed.

Towed Watersports Education Program

Graphic of wakeboarding and a 200' set back from docks and structures in the waterGraphic of waterskiing proximity 100' or more from docks or other structures in the water 

Graphic showing wake surfing is not allowed in the Newberg Pool



Interactive Boat Oregon Map with data layer for local area rules

HB 2352 -Towed Watersports Education and Endorsement Legislation (2019)

SB 1589 -Newberg Pool Congested Zone Modifications to the Towed Watersports Program (2022)

Lower Willamette River Rules for Boat Operations