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Open Houses and Legislative Concept

2023 Marine Board Legislative Concept 

The Marine Board has one legislative concept for the 2023 long session. This concept moves into the statute an administrative rule for life jacket wear for youth 12 and younger and for operators and riders of personal watercraft. 

The Legislative Process

The Legislative Process Marine Board staff proposes legislative concepts to its five-member Board based on feedback from stakeholders and partners. The agency is always looking to improve recreational boating laws and services. Once a legislative concept is approved by the Marine Board, it is then submitted to the Department of Administrative Services (DAS). After review from DAS, the concept goes to the Governor's Office for consideration. If the Governor's Office approves, a concept moves to Legislative Counsel to be drafted into a bill.  

Once a legislative concept becomes a bill, it follows this process:
Oregon Legislature graphic on how an idea becomes a bill and the legislative process for a bill to become law

Open Houses Held 

We sincerely thank boaters, stakeholders, and partners for attending the meet-and-greet open houses held in October!


Senate Chamber in the Oregon State Capitol 
To receive bill notifications, visit the Oregon Legislature website, find the bill number for the 2023 session, and select "e-subscribe" to follow bills. 

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