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Online Store Help

The Boat Oregon Store works best from a desktop and is not optimized for mobile devices at this time. For the best experience, use the Internet Explorer browser. 

Background: In 2015, the Marine Board migrated to a web-based online store for all boating transactions (permits, licenses, registration renewals, boater education cards). An account was created for every boat registration in the old system. Boaters were mailed a user name and PIN to get started in the online store. Every two years (registration cycle), boaters are mailed a NEW PIN to access their online account. If you have used the online store in the past and set up a user name and password, you can log in using your existing credentials.  Why do we go to this much trouble? For cyber-security.  

If it’s your first time doing an online motorboat transaction, you’ll need to finish setting up your account, which includes selecting a password and setting up security questions. Your account will also be tied to your email and date of birth, in addition to your boat or other transaction types.  

Using the online store, you have two options from the landing page (see graphic below, which is also on the back of your renewal notice). For basic registration renewals, select the “Boat Renewal Tab.” For any other type of transaction, such as purchasing a Waterway Access Permit, Boater Education Card or Replacement Card OR multiple boat renewals, select the “Account” tab to get started.

Log in options

If it's your first time purchasing a waterway access permit (formerly the aquatic invasive species permit) or a boating safety education card, click on the "Account Tab" then under the Login button, click on the link for "Don't Have an Account? Register" link.

Once you’re in the system, click “Online Services” in the upper right-hand corner of the page and select the transaction you want to complete. The agency accepts VISA, MasterCard and Discover credit cards. Once your credit card information is processed, you will be able to print out a receipt which also acts as a temporary permit so you can use your boat right away. Registration decals, Certificate of Number (OR#), boater education cards, etc. will be mailed and can take anywhere from 7-days to three weeks to receive. Please keep any printouts and your cell phone in a water-tight protective container or Dry Pak to show marine law enforcement. 

NOTE: Waterway Access Permits (formerly Aquatic Invasive Species Permits) are also sold through ODFW’s Electronic Licensing System. Verify which system you’re using to purchase permits. They are not the same and require different account verifications. 


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