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Uniform Crime Reporting Data

**Data represented within these dashboards is as of January 1, 2020. For Uniform Crime Reporting Data submitted by law enforcement agencies within the last five years prior to January 1, 2020 click on Uniform Crime Reporting Reference Materials

To view Oregon Uniform Crime Reporting Open Source Data represented on the Oregon Crime Data Dashboards, please select from one of the links below. 

Offenses - Open Source Data

Arrests - Open Source Data

LEOKA - Open Source Data

Victims - Open Source Data

For the Uniform Crime Reporting Domestic Violence Annual Report, please select the link below. 

2021 Annual Domestic Violence Report

2020 Annual Domestic Violence Report

For Uniform Crime Reporting Methodology and/or abbreviated crime reporting definitions, please select one of the documents below. 

Uniform Crime Reporting Methodology

Abbreviated Crime Reporting Definitions

Change Description Summary

 Oregon Uniform Crime Reporting Data