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Become an OSP Trooper

We are hiring certified and entry-level Recruit Troopers!  The dates below indicate a projected academy start date. Entry Level Testing (ELT) to complete the required Recruit Trooper Hiring Steps 2 and 4 will be held at the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST), 4190 Aumsville Hwy, Salem, OR 97317, on the dates indicated below.  These are projected dates, please check back frequently for changes.

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To schedule your desired ELT date, please email

Refer to the Recruit Trooper Hiring Steps section below for additional information and steps you can take now to prepare.  There are other testing requirements that are not included on your ELT date so make sure you read all the steps carefully.

Applications received from November 29, 2022, through February 8, 2023, are for an anticipated academy start date in October 2023 (Class 23-04).

Last remaining ELT date for this process:  February 11, 2023

Considering applying? Watch this: "Why Oregon, Why OSP"
To search all open recruitments at the OSP
go to WorkdayJobs 
sort by "Oregon State Department of Police" using the Company dropdown.

Recruit Trooper Hiring Steps

We are pleased you are interested in joining the ranks of Oregon's finest. These steps will help you understand our process. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and communicating with you along the way. 

The hiring process for recruits is extensive. The time from application to appointment can exceed several months.  There are nine steps in the hiring process. Read and review all steps and become familiar with the different tests and systems you’ll need to access before you begin.

There are some steps you can take even if we do not have an open position. The sequence changes when we are accepting applications and when we are not.  

  • When we are accepting applications:
    • Step 1, a passing NTN Frontline National Law Enforcement Entrance Exam is required during the application process. This test is valid for 12 months and can be taken prior to applying, as long as it is within the previous 12 months. It can be taken up to five days after the application close date (deadlines will be listed on this site shortly.)
    • Step 2, the Oregon Physical Abilities Test (ORPAT), is valid for 12 months and can be taken prior to applying, through NTN or another agency, as long as it is within the previous 12 months. It will also be offered during the open application period cost-free during the exact testing dates as noted in Steps 4 and 5.
    • Step 3, a job application, must be completed within the open application period, usually 3-4 weeks in length.
    • Steps 2 and 4 can all be taken on the same day on select dates during an open application period. Dates will be listed when we have an open application.
    • See the Steps below for further information.
  • When we are not accepting applications:
    • Complete Step 1, Step 2, and parts of Step 3 at any time. It doesn’t matter what sequence you finish these. However, read our details below. Some have time frames around them. For example, Step 1 is only valid for 12 months from the date you took the exam.

​There is a $49.00 fee to take this test. National Testing Network is a service provided to conduct testing in a standardized, professional environment. NTN is now offering virtual testing appointments as well. 

There are three components to the FrontLine Tests: a video-based human relations test, a reading ability test and a report writing test. The test itself takes approximately 2 hours.

  • A score less than the minimum score in any of the three exam categories results in an exam failure and you did not pass. You will have to wait three months to re-take the exam.
  • If you achieved a passing exam score within 12 months of an open recruitment, you do not have to retake this exam.  
  • You must have a passing NTN score within five days of the recruitment closing date.
  • Out of state applicants may travel to any National Testing Network location to complete the exam.

How to find Oregon State Police on NTN’s website:

  1. Select Choose Jobs from the menu.
  2. Select Law Enforcement for job class.
  3. Select Oregon for state.
  4. Press the Update button and a new page will appear listing all Law Enforcement Positions available in Oregon.
  5. Read all instructions and check the box next to Oregon State Police, select Continue and follow all prompts. 

I passed this exam, what’s next?

Exam scores are automatically forwarded to our OSP Sworn Recruitment and Training Section. Take a look at Step 2 and Step 3 for more details. 

I did not pass this exam in one or more of the categories, what’s next? 

  • We are sorry; you will not be allowed to move on to Step 2.
  • You will have to wait three months to become eligible to retake this exam.  
  • There are practice tests you can look into if you choose.
Important: Applicants must have a passing ORPAT test score on file or be scheduled to take the ORPAT with NTN* or OSP by the last scheduled OSP ORPAT date. *Due to COVID restrictions, NTN is not offering the ORPAT currently. 
There is an $85.00 fee to take this test. Applicants can self-schedule on the NTN website by selecting OPRAT under exams. On the NTN website you’ll see detailed information on the physical tests required to pass. You can also watch a video demonstration. This is a Pass or Fail physical test.
OSP will provide the test for free at the Oregon Public Safety Academy in Salem, Oregon. Refer to the above header for available testing dates. You will be able to take the ORPAT and complete Steps 4 and 5 on the same day on the selected dates.
I already passed this test through NTN, will you accept that score?
Yes, if it's within 12 months of the date the job announcement you are applying for closes. You do not have to submit proof of testing in this case. Just let us know
I already passed this test with someone else, will you accept that score?
Yes, if it’s within 12 months of the date the job announcement you are applying for closes. You must provide a letter from the administering agency on their letterhead.   The letter must certify the test was conducted to 
the DPSST validated standard. Provide a scanned copy of the file by email to
I did not pass or I missed my test, what’s next?
We are sorry. You cannot move on in the process and we’ve closed your application on this recruitment. We encourage you to watch for future recruitments and try again. If you paid and registered for an ORPAT through NTN and did not show up, you may not be eligible for a refund and will need to contact NTN.
I passed this test by one of the means above, what happens next?
Only candidates who have a passing score will be allowed to move on to the next step of the application process. At this point, you should make sure you’ve completed all necessary elements in Step 3 and become familiar with Steps 4-10.
An online application must be completed by the closing date listed in the recruitment announcement. 

We respect, value, and seek applicants who have served the United States in the Armed Forces. Oregon state government provides qualifying veterans and disabled veterans with preference in employment. Learn more about this eligibility and what you must provide with your application to qualify for veteran’s preference.

Read more tips for completing your application, learn about the online application system and how to make your application stand out​

The California Psychological Inventory (CPI) and the Johnson Roberts & Associates Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) will normally take place during your visit to complete steps 2 and 5.  The CPI exam takes approximately three hours to complete. You will be asked to complete some paperwork then take an online proctored test conducted in our computer lab.  You will need your driver’s license. A water bottle is optional. Anything else; including knives, Leatherman tools, and anything sharp should be left in your vehicle.
Pre-offer psychological examinations are given to applicants to determine the applicant's suitability for a career in law enforcement. Once the CPI and PHQ tests have been administered, they are submitted to Psychologists under contract with the OSP for evaluation. Our Psychologists may generate follow up questions for applicants. OSP Sworn Training and Recruitment Section staff send the questions back to the applicant by email for their written response or clarification. The responses are further analyzed by the Psychologists and a risk rating is designated for the applicant. Applicants who are rated at an acceptable level are moved to the next stage of the process.
  • Out of state applicants will have to travel to Oregon to complete the CPI exam.
  • The PHQ assessment must be completed within 9 calendar days of taking the CPI exam.
  • OSP recognizes the financial investment applicants make during the hiring process. As a result we will, at times, host this phase of testing at the same time as the ORPAT (Step 2) to minimize required travel.

​Those selected for Step 5 will be contacted by OSP Training and Recruitment Section staff.  This is an interview with Oregon State Police Commanders consisting of a panel of Majors and Captains. The interview is conducted in-person, typically 30-40 minutes and is primarily a behavioral-based question interview structure.

Those selected for Step 6 will be contacted by OSP Training and Recruitment Section staff to complete a Recruit Background History Packet.  See the Recruit Background Checklist for details needed. These forms must be completed and returned, per instructions on the forms, to the OSP Training and Recruitment Section staff within nine days after completing Step 4. ​Handwritten forms will not be accepted. Additionally, an applicant must be willing to sign several waivers allowing OSP to conduct a thorough background investigation. Some factors considered during a background investigation include but are not limited to:

Driving history
Criminal history Fingerprint check
Personal references
Employment history
Military Service Records – Discharge Status
Job references
Personal references
Prior contact with law enforcement agencies
Financial status (to include credit history)​

​Those selected for Step 8 will be given a conditional job offer based upon an applicant meeting the following conditions:

  • Acceptance of employment to a specific work station (if offered),
  • Budget availability and funding,
  • Pass a medical screening, and
  • Pass a post-offer psychological evaluation.

If you accept the conditional job offer, an appointment to an OSP contracted medical screening clinic will be made for you (see OAR 259-008-0010 (8) Physical Examination). A psychological evaluation will be scheduled in conjunction with the medical screening. This psychological evaluation will be in-person by the contracted Psychologists who performed Step 4. You should expect to be at the Psychologist's office for approximately four hours.

Upon successful completion of all conditional appointment requirements:


  • Attend OSP Pre-Academy (approximately 4-6 weeks in duration)
  • Attend DPSST Basic Police Academy (16 weeks in duration)
    *Qualified out of state lateral applicants who meet Oregon standards set by DPSST will not be required to attend the Basic Police Academy, but will be required to attend a 2 week PCOD academy through DPSST within a year of appointment
  • Attend OSP Post-Academy (approximately 4-6 weeks in duration)



​​​​​Oregon State Police- Sworn Recruiting 
4190 Aumsville Hwy SE
Salem, OR 97317

Richardson, Phil 2 August 2017.jpg

Trooper Phil Richardson 
Phone: 503-583-5196​

Crutchfield, Tiffany (3).JPG

Sr. Trooper Tiffany Crutchfield 

Phone: 971-301-3528

Deberry, Sherron August 2017.jpg

Sr. Trooper Sherron DeBerry

Phone 971-701-1157

​​Richmond, Melody 4 August 2017.jpg

Sergeant​ Melody Richmond 

​​​Phone: 503-378-4931 ​​

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday


​Oregon State Police
Human Resources
3565 Trelstad Ave SE
Salem, OR 97317
​​​Phone: 503-934-0232​

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday