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What we do

We ensure compliance with the laws and regulations that protect and enhance the long term health and equitable use of Oregon's fish and wildlife resources and the habitats upon which they depend. 
The Division's 120 sworn officers are assigned statewide with specific duties and responsibilities to ensure compliance with natural resource laws. Two professional staff members support the Division.
Division assignments (sworn Senior Troopers/Troopers):
  • 93 General fish and wildlife
  • 12 Healthy streams and habitat
  • 6 Commercial fish
  • 5 Special Investigations Unit (SIU)
  • 4 Aircraft pilots
  • F&W Personnel Allocation
Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife funds approximately 50% of the positions, in addition to some of the seasonal employment programs. Other funding sources include Oregon Lottery, Department of Environmental Quality, general fund, Oregon State Marine Board, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Oregon State Parks, and service contracts.
Many investigations require different agencies (city, county, state, and/or federal) to work together toward a common goal:  enforcement of fish, wildlife, environmental, and other criminal laws and protecting people, property, and natural resources.  Without the valued cooperation from other agencies, many investigations might have ceased without resolve.
We are involved in our local communities.  We attend various meetings, give presentations to sporting enthusiast's groups, display the "Trailer of Shame" at sporting enthusiast shows, educate students of all ages, assist with hunter education classes and field days, and show support at angling derbies and other outdoor-related events.
Laws and Regulation Types

Patrol Equipment

We use a number of different types of patrol equipment to accomplish our mission, including 4 x 4 pickups, jet boats, propeller driven boats (hard hull and RHI), drift boats, whitewater rafts, Cata-rafts, aircraft, horses, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, and mountain bikes.

Division troopers also have different types of uniforms, such as boat, bike, field, patrol, and water; and we employ a variety of technological equipment, such as night vision goggles, radar spotting scopes, GPS units, and digital cameras and camcorders.

Specialized Training
In addition to the training received in recruit school, Fish and Wildlife officers may receive specialized training in boat operations; horse packing; environmental crime investigation; fill and removal investigation; federal wildlife laws; game salvage equipment operation; meat handling and inspection; 4 x 4 patrol unit operation; wildlife and fish identification; commercial fishing vessels and gear identification; restaurant and dealer inspection; outdoor survival; and map, compass, and GPS use.

​​​​Fish & Wildlife Division
3565 Trelstad Avenue SE
Salem, OR 97317
Phone: 503-378-3720​

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