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Advisory Committees

Medical Advisory Committee:
The Oregon State Athletic Commission Medical Advisory Committee serves as an advisory group to us on medical issues and policies.  Much of the critical components of the Commission's regulatory function is the application of health and safety standards.  

The Committee provides advice to the Commission on required medical testing for competitors, medical requirements for the safe conduct of unarmed combat sports and entertainment wrestling events, and other issues that require the expertise of trained physicians. The Committee also considers and approves proposed ringside physicians.  The Committee is comprised of five volunteer physicians appointed by the Oregon State Police Superintendent.  The Committee meets as needed. 
The Medical Advisory Committee membership:
  • Kevin deWeber, MD  (Chair)
  • DeWayde Perry, MD 
  • Derek Earl, MD
  • Darius Graeff MD
  • Celina Sears,  MD
  • Thomas Abbatiello MD
  • Mark Wells PA.C
Rules Advisory Committee:
The Rules Advisory Committee assisted  us with the rewrite of Oregon Adminstrative Rule 230. A process we started in 2014. A Rules Advisory Committee allows the industry and public to have a voice in the creation and improvement of administrative rules governing the Oregon State Athletic Commission and its operation.

Members of the Rules Advisory Committee:
  • Shawn Gregory – MMA Referee
  • DeWayde Perry – Medical Advisory Committee/ Ringside Physician/ Competative Bodybuilder
  • Michael Chapman – Trainer/Gym Owner/ BJJ black belt
  • Kevin Keeney – MMA Promoter/ Wrestling coach
  • Greg Thompson -- BJJ Gym Owner/ BJJ Black belt/ Former Pro fighter
  • Cody Catalano -- Judge, Referee
  • Molly McConnell - Coach/ Former World Champion Boxer
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