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Criminal Investigations Division

We support criminal justice services through several programs, sections and units. We provide follow-up investigative assistance on cases that go beyond the crime scene. Detectives are strategically located across the state to support field investigative services, local law enforcement with major criminal investigations, and serve on inter-agency teams. We are also the primary criminal investigative services on state property and at state institutions.

We are the law enforcement fire investigative resource and response unit in Oregon. We work to reduce arson-related crimes and the prevention of future violent crimes by identifying and targeting serial, predatory, or habitual violent offenders.

Arson investigators are sworn law enforcement officers specially trained to​ identify and collect evidence relating to fires demeaned suspicious and make determinations as to their causes. 

Investigators look for evidence of the use of accelerants, such as gasoline and other flammable materials, and work to identify the source, starting point and spread of fires. Staff are located around the state and investigate arsons, fire fatalities and suspicious fires involving both infrastructures and wildlands.

We partner with Oregon State Fire Marshal, Oregon Department of Forestry, Bureau of Land Management, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the US Forest Service, and local and county fire departments and law enforcement agencies. The Arson Unit will assist with the analysis of fire-related incidents. After firefighters extinguish a suspicious fire, an investigation is launched to determine whether or not a crime has been committed. We generally do not initiate investigations but respond to requests from fire departments or other law enforcement agencies.

When conducting a fire investigation, we are also identify potential suspects if arson has occurred. Investigators use crime scene investigation techniques and knowledge of fire science to inspect scenes. As part of our jobs we help identify potential motives and suspects, conduct interviews, make arrests and work closely with other law enforcement and fire services agencies. It is the responsibility of the arson investigator to give courtroom testimony related to fire investigation and to what they have identified.

Our analysts support complex criminal investigations across the state. They may conduct research to identify and locate persons, property, and other entities​ or organize and analyze investigative records and information, in​cluding telecommunications and financial records. They assist in the organization and management of call center or tip lines and create and distribute bulletins. They may also produce maps, timelines, link charts, diagrams, and multi-media deliverables accurately depicting events, relationships, and locations. Our analysts respond statewide to assist investigators and prosecutors with active and cold cases.

HITS is a program that collects and analyzes violent crime information. We partner with the Washington State Attorney General's Office to provide investigative leads to law enforcement in the Pacific Northwest.

Homicide investigators and detectives submit detailed case information and can request research or queries​ at anytime. This information is compared to link crimes, or to identify unknown assailants. HITS staff help with networking between detectives to provide leads for identification of additional suspects and places investigators in contact so they can share information.

Law Enforcement Reporting
Oregon law ORS 181A.255 requires criminal justice agencies to provide information within 25 days of discovery on any of the case types listed:

  • Homicides
  • Missing person where foul play is suspected
  • Unidentified deceased persons believed to be victims of homicide

Submit law enforcement agency forms by email or contact us to set up a secure FTP site.

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Oregon State Police - HITS Unit
Criminal Investigations Division
3565 Trelstad Ave SE
Salem, OR 97317

Fax:  503-363-5475

Phone: 503-934-0156 Program Analyst​​

Our Explosives Unit is accredited and all Hazard Device Technicians are certified through the FBI National Bomb Squad Commanders’ Advisory Board.

We provide explosives investigations, render-safe of known improvised explosive devices, analysis of suspect packages, and the destruction of unwanted or deteriorated explosive materials.​

Technicians are located in each region of the state and provide explosive-related assistance to public safety agencies, other government agencies and citizens.  Additionally, explosives-related training is provided for personnel who may encounter hazardous items.  See more Explosives Unit details.

We investigate crimes on state property, crimes in state institutions, and assist other law enforcement agencies with major criminal investigations. Detectives conduct specialized investigations of intrastate and multi-jurisdictional violent crimes, crimes against children, public official misconduct, officer-involved critical incidents, and other significant criminal activity.

In addition to OSP cases, we provide statewide polygraph examination services to city and county law enforcement agencies. We assist investigators in determining if an investigation is focused on the correct individual, or help obtain a confession from a suspect or gain valuable case-related information from involved subjects.

We investigate computer crimes through expert forensic examination of computers and other digital media for evidence of crimes. OSP is a member of the FBI’s Northwest Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory in Portland.

We have detectives assigned to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force as part of an interagency team of state and federal investigators working to prevent incidents of domestic and international terrorism.

We receive and distribute information on missing children and adults to local law enforcement agencies, school districts, state and federal agencies, and the public. See more program details Missing Children and Adults Clearinghouse. ​​

Criminal Investigations Division
3565 Trelstad Ave SE
Salem, OR 97317
​​​Phone: 503-378-3720
Fax: 503-363-5475​

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday