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Registration and Reporting

Annual reports due by March 1. Substantive changes must be reported within 30 days.

Oregon Community Right to Know Hazardous Substance Manager (CHS Manager)
You may report your hazardous substances using our online hazardous substance reporting tool, called the Oregon Community Right to Know Hazardous Substance Manager (CHS Manager). If your facility hasn’t already, please register for a user account to begin completing hazardous substance reports in the CHS Manager. 

To register or log in:

There are several different registration types
  1.  A reporting facility, register as a Reporting Facility/Business User
  2.  An Emergency Responder/Planner/LEPC select Responder, Planner or System Admin User, register as a Program User
  3.  If you are a County Emergency Manager or a HazMat Team, register as a Planner.
  4.  To learn about the hazardous substances stored in your community, register as a Citizen.

Online Reporting Annual reports
Annual reports are open for reporting between January 1 - March 1 using our online system. All Annual reports are due by March 1. These reports will cover your hazardous substance inventories for the reporting period for the previous calendar year (January 1-December 31.)

Substantive changes
Any substantive change in the following list must be reported in CHS Manager within 30 days of the change as required by OAR 837-085-0100.
  1. A change of ownership or business name
  2. A change of site address or mailing address
  3. Phone number changes
  4. Change of emergency contact person
  5. Introduction of new substances to the site in reportable quantities not previously reported
  6. An increase in amount of a substance being stored
  7. A substance that moved to another building, another floor level, or 300 feet or more from its originally reported location


Community Right to Know
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