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Emergency Mobilizations

We coordinate mobilization of fire services resources throughout Oregon. The Oregon Fire Service Mobilization Plan is an all-hazard based plan used to mobilize fire resources to any incident beyond local fire service capabilities necessary to protect life, property, and the environment. 

Here you will find the latest documents to support a conflagration request, guiding documents for mobilization and training and key documents for Task Force Leaders and Strike Teams. 

This plan establishes operating procedures for the most practical use of st​ate resources during all-hazard emergencies beyond the capabilities of local resources. The plan assumes fire departments and districts have mutual aid agreements to respond to local emergencies.    ​

Objectives of this plan are:

  • To provide organizational structure and operating guidelines for the expeditious mobilization and direction of Oregon fire service forces;
  • To promote effective communication among agencies during the preparation for, progress of, and demobilization from a fire suppression operation or other emergency response activity;
  • To effectively cooperate and coordinate the efforts of various participating agencies through the use of a common command structure and terminology;
  • To ensure prompt, accurate and equitable apportionment of fiscal responsibility for fire suppression or other emergency response activity;
  • To provide an OSFM Incident Management Team for effective support to local agencies and fire defense districts during major operations​.​

This document (to be completed by the authority with jurisdiction) is required to request a conflagration. 

Questions will cover: 

  • Incident Information
  • Type of Emergency
  • Incident Support Information
  • Logistical Support  Services  

Conflagration Request Form


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Phone: 503-934-8293​​

Oregon Mobilization Plan
2021 Mobilization Readiness Review Guide
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Typing & Conflagration Response Quick Guide


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