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Hazardous Substances Fees

Oregon Law (ORS 453.402) requires facilities to pay a fee based on the substance they report in the highest aggregate (maximum) amount. The fee is calculated using a fee schedule set in OAR 837-090 graduated to account for the degree of hazard the billable substance presents.

Please do not send payment with your report submission. The Oregon Department of Revenue will issue hazardous substance possession fee coupons in November. All payments are due January 1 and payable to the Oregon Department of Revenue.

The current hazard rankings set in the fee schedule are as follows:

  • (rank 1) Minimally Hazardous
  • (rank 2) Generally Hazardous
  • (rank 3) Very Hazardous
  • (rank 4) Registered Chemical

How is the Hazard Rank Determined for a Hazardous Substance?
Fee Schedule
Oregon Administrative Rules for Hazardous Substance Possession Fees

Fee Exemptions

Certain hazardous substances or circumstances allow for a full or partial exemption of the HSPF. In addition to a fee payable to the state fire marshal, the HSPF also includes fees for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) Toxic Use Reduction (TUR) program and the Orphan Site Fund (OS).

Read a list of common and uncommon exemptions from the hazardous substance possession fee and exemptions for government agencies.
Hazardous Substance Hotlines
503-378-6835 or 800-454-6125