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The Veterinary Medical Examining Board was established in 1903 to test, license, monitor and regulate practitioners of veterinary medicine in the state. The Board works in the interest of  animal health and welfare, public health, and consumers of veterinary services. The Board's authority comes from the Veterinary Practice Act, Chapter 686 of the Oregon Revised Statutes and Chapter 875 of the Oregon Administrative Rules.

Self Service Portal

Using the Self Service Portal, you'll be able to find a Veterinarian or Certified Veterinarian Technician, File a Complaint, Apply for Licensure, or manage your License. 

Executive Director Stakeholder Meeting

We are disappointed to announce that our finalist for the Executive Director recruitment for the Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board has withdrawn their application for consideration.  The stakeholder forum scheduled for April 27, 2022, is being cancelled at this time.


Our board Chair, Dr. Emilio DeBess and Interim Executive Director, Cass Mcleod-Skinner are scheduled to meet with our executive recruitment support team to reopen the recruitment process for this critical role.


We look forward to inviting you to a future candidate stakeholder forum.

COVID-19 Update

July 2, 2021

All restrictions have been lifted for the veterinary profession.

Here is a link to the new rules   page 40 refers to the veterinary profession.

Changes to Rules Addressing the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency in All Oregon Workplaces'

Oregon OSHA has revised Appendix A accordingly. Mask and distancing guidance for Veterinary Care (A-10) is removed, leaving only the personal protective equipment provisions.

Appendix A-10: Mandatory Workplace Guidance for Veterinary Care

Application: This appendix applies to veterinarians licensed under ORS 686, and to their assistants and other employees. To the degree this appendix provides specific guidance, it supplements, but does not replace, the requirements of the Rule Addressing COVID-19 Workplace Risks (OAR 437- 001-0744).

A.   Personal Protective Equipment. To reduce the risk of transmission, veterinary employers must provide and ensure the use of personal protective equipment in accordance with the following table.

“Interim Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for Veterinary Clinics Treating Companion Animals During the COVID-19 Response," published by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (last updated August 12, 2020)

Although the interim CDC guidelines are outdated, we are hoping for a revision soon. In the meantime, meet and discuss with your staff how to reopen your facility to the public.