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Planning Grants


The Department values place-based, integrated approaches to water supply planning. Through a collaborative planning process, planning groups should build upon existing knowledge, identify and fill information gaps, coordinate efforts, and explore innovative solutions to meet multiple needs. Effective planning can help places develop a shared understanding and vision, identify multi-benefit water projects, prioritize actions, and gather the support and resources they need to implement those actions. 

No announcements at this time.

There is no funding currently available to support new water planning efforts. If you are interested in future funding opportunities for water planning, please send an email. This will help us to gauge interest across the state and will also allow us to inform you of future updates.

The Department has been a funding partner for various water planning efforts across Oregon.

The Department is currently providing more than $700,000 in financial assistance to four places that are taking a place-based, collaborative, and integrated approach to water planning.
The Department has provided significant non-federal cost-share to conduct basin studies with the Bureau of Reclamation and the Army Corps of Engineers.
In 2008 the Department provided small planning grants totaling $200,000 to 16 communities as a part of the Oregon Water Supply and Conservation Initiative (OWSCI).
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Place Based Planning Team

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