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Low Temperature Geothermal

A low temperature geothermal project (bottom hole temperature less than 250°F and well less than 2,000 feet deep) requires an industrial/commercial water right permit if the project will draw more than 5,000 gallons per day and a low-temperature geothermal well registration with the department. 

Please review Division 230 rules “Standards and Procedures Low-Temperature Geothermal Production and Injection Wells and Effluent. We recommend you discuss your proposed project with the Department’s low-temperature geothermal program lead prior to preparing and submitting application forms.

High temperature geothermal projects (bottom hole temperature greater than 250°F or geothermal wells greater than 2,000 feet deep) are permitted through the Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

For more information contact: 

Darrick Boschmann 503-437-5346

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