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Well Identification Program

The Well Identification Label Program began in 1996, requiring that all wells drilled, altered, deepened, or converted have a well ID label attached to the well head by the well constructor. Most wells constructed prior to 1996 have yet to be assigned a well ID label number. 

A well ID label will catalog your well with a unique number and link it with any construction information we have for the well. You may apply for a label for an existing well at any time, but it is required within 30 days of property transfer. Only one well ID label is required over the life of the well, unless the label is missing or unreadable.

If there is no well ID label on the well at the time the property is transferred, the landowner must apply for one, and attach it within 30 (thirty) days of property sale, using the Well ID Label Application Form. There is no cost to the landowner to get a well ID label from the Department. Rules simply state that the “landowner” must apply, this could be the seller, buyer or a representative of either (a realtor or family member). For a shared well, landowner of the property where the well is located is responsible. 

New wells are routinely inspected by Department field staff during construction, but we do not verify well construction of existing wells prior to issuance of a Well ID. If you have specific problems or concerns about your well, please contact the Department at 503-986-0900.

For more information contact:
Ladeena Ashley 971-287-8218