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Surface Water Registrations

A Surface Water Registration (SWR) is a sworn statement claiming a right to appropriate surface water and proof of a water use that began prior to February 24, 1909. A claim consists of a Registration Statement filed with the Department, which is accompanied by a map describing the location, use, and rate of water use.  

SWR Statements must have been filed with the Department by December 31, 1992 and may be amended by submitting a request to the Department to modify the SWR. Modifications may include a change in ownership, a change in place of use, a change in the point of diversion, and/or a change in the character of use, and will become part of the file for the SWR. However, no SWR Statement or amendment to a SWR Statement shall be construed as a final determination until adjudicated under the provisions of ORS 539.010 to 539.240.

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