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Application Forms

​Allows the extension of an existing lease, provided no other changes in the lease are proposed.

Appropriate for leases involving water right(s) held by individual(s). 

If more than one water right is to be involved in the lease, a separate Part 3 of 4 must be submitted for each of the additional water rights involved.​

​For irrigation districts or other water purveyors who wish to lease either a water right from an individual property, or group together and "pool" multiple landowners on the same District Application.

If more than one water right is involved, a separate Part 4 of 4 must be submitted for each landowner or party to the application. A seperate Part 3 of 4 must be submitted for each landowner/party.

​Used if the water right is to be used for both the existing authorized purpose and for instream use during the same year. Such a lease can be initiated by submittal of a Split Season Lease Form (DOC)

A water right holder with a split season lease must measure and report to the Department the water used for the authorized purpose and for the instream use using the Split Season Lease Measurement and Reporting Form (DOC)


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