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Road Watering

A public agency may register for water use for road and highway maintenance, construction and reconstruction. Water use authorized under the registration shall not exceed 50,000 gallons from a single source during any 24-hour period. Annual renewals must be submitted on or prior to February 1st of each year.

Water use authorized by the registration is junior to all other uses of water and does not receive a priority date. The registration is valid until the public agency withdraws the registration or the public agency fails to file the annual renewal statement. The registrant must notify the local watermaster not fewer than 30 days and not more than 60 days prior to the date diversion under the registration is to be initiated. The Department may require the public agency to cease diversion of water at any time if the director has reason to believe use of water under the registration is causing a significant adverse impact upon an affected watershed or any existing water right.