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An Assignment is a formal process to change the name of the holder of an application, permit, limited license, transfer, permit amendment or groundwater registration claim (i.e., non-perfected, non-certificated rights). An Assignment ensures that the Department knows who the water right record belongs to and who will be responsible for finalizing the right.

There are two different types of Assignments, each with a specific form:

Request for Assignment, used when the existing holder of the water right record will be signing the paperwork to assign the water right record, or a portion thereof, to another person or entity.  

Request for Assignment in Absence of Permit Holder, used when the existing holder of record is not available to sign the paperwork.  In this case, the person requesting the Assignment must provide proof of ownership for the property that is to be involved in the Assignment. 

Examples of acceptable “proof of ownership” include, but are not limited to: a copy of the deed to the land, a copy of a land sales contract, a court order or decree, documentation of survivorship of property jointly held.  The Department cannot accept a copy of a tax statement.